Beneficial tips to get healthy hair

Everybody wishes to have silky, shiny and strong hairs. Perhaps everyone is not blessed with silky hair, but there are some highly recommended hair care tips that can help you achieve good-looking, long and strong hair.

You may have felt jealous to see the long and shiny tresses of the princess in Disney movies. In real life too, the eye-catchy hairstyles of celebrities frequently remain in the limelight. Now look at your hair. Maybe you don’t have so attractive hair but no worries! There are some specific and most-followed tips that tell you how to get healthy hair with fewer efforts. Understand some Do’s and Don’ts for daily hair care; it will help you flaunt a healthy hairstyle.Beneficial tips to get healthy hair

Causes of hair damage:
Before following the hair care tips, you should understand the causes of hair damage, hair fall, hair breaking and its rough look, so that you can treat them better. The causes of rough hair can be:

  • Pollution
  • Sun damage
  • Poor nutrition
  • Heredity
  • Lack of hair care
  • Poor shampooing
  • Dandruff
  • Lack of proper oiling
  • Tips to get healthy hair
    Experts give some specific tips to take care of your hair. These tips are easy and quite affordable to follow, such as:

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Protect hair from sun damage:
You should protect your hair from excess exposure to UV rays, dust, rain and other environmental pollutants. These external factors can damage your hair follicles and take away their natural strength. A short-time exposure to mild sunshine is enough to provide some nutrition to your hair. Also, use a cap or scarf to cover your hair while going out in the intense sunlight.

Wash oily hair regularly:
If you have oily hair scalps then washing them more frequently is a good solution to protect. Remember that excess use of chemical-laden shampoos or soap can further damage hair moisture, so try and apply herbal products to contain the natural beauty of your hair.

Follow brushing basics
Don’t forget to brush or comb your hair in the morning after waking up. Make it a routine that will help your hair scalps to become loose after the stiffness of the night. It will also stimulate the blood supply and regulate sebum. Brushing is not good for wet hair, rather use a wide-toothed comb to keep your hair straight and separate.

Offer Aloe Vera treatment:
Aloe vera oil has a quality to repair hair. There are many nourishing agents available in this medicinal plant that are very helpful to strengthen hair follicles. Moreover, aloe vera can protect hair from roughness, impurities and hair loss problems. This natural treatment can provide the much-needed softness, shine, strength and flexibility to you hair.

Apply natural hair masks:
A hair mask of some natural materials promises greater effects to your hair. There are some prominent ingredients to use, such as:

Curd, egg and mustard oil
Eggs are rich in vitamin B12, E, D and E as well as fatty acids and protein to nourish your hair. It’s included among the widely used hair care tips. You can make a mask of eggs and curd that works as a conditioner to provide a natural shine.

Apply coconut and olive oil
Take 2 spoon warm coconut oils and mix it with an equal amount of olive oil and raw eggs to make a natural hair mask. You can even suggest this trick to those who are desperate to know how to get healthy hair at less expense. It does not take too much time to prepare and its effects are long lasting.

Peppermint oil and avocado extract
Avocados offer protein and mineral treatment to your hair. You can make a hair mask taking mashed avocado and some drops of peppermint oil, which can strengthen hair follicles. Wash this mask after 30 minutes of application.

Treat hair with Amla:
Amla is another natural product that provides an essential nutrition for hair care. You can use Amla powder to remove the unwanted white flakes off the scalp. It’s the potential amount of vitamin C and antioxidants that have anti-ageing effects by which you can prevent hair from premature graying and falling. Amla oil can also be used to treat split ends of your hair. Apply it on the hair and scalp and wash it off after about 30 minutes.

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Almond oil:
Almond oil is highly beneficial to the hair. Use almond oil to treat dry, small and damaged hair. It’s very simple to use and you can massage hair with almond oil for 5-6 minutes and then leave it for 30 minutes before rinsing with natural shampoo and conditioner. You can also apply this oil at night to find smooth and shiny hair next morning.

Take healthy diet:
Any hair care tips would not be as effective if you are not taking a healthy diet to support the treatment. Since hair is made of proteins, you are supposed to take protein rich food products including fruits, whole grains, milk and green vegetables. Plus, try to take plenty of vitamin B, C, and E to strengthen your hair follicles. Eat iron rich edible items to repair the scalp tissue. Food products with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids are also recommended to eat for good growth of hair.

Go for exercise and live stress-free life:
Your physical and mental health can make a difference in the health of hair. The effects of emotional distress and poor health are probably reflected in the condition of your hair. If you wonder how to get healthy hair for a long time then focus on your lifestyle and do regular exercise to get rid of hair problems.

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