Health benefits of wheat grass juice

Wheat grass is one of the nature’s various finest medicines. The health benefits of wheatgrass juice are known to the world since very long. Evidences suggest the small use of wheat grass in daily diet.

Wheat grass is young grass of the wheat plant (Triticum aestivum). It is grown in various regions around the world like in the temperate zones, and can survive in both indoor and outdoor conditions. Wheatgrass is grown from the seeds and it contains a huge amount of chlorophyll.

Health benefits of wheat grass

Wheat grass is a rich source of various beneficial natural substances like:

1. Vitamin A, B-complex, C and E
2. Huge amount of beneficial antioxidants
3. Large number of essential minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium
4. Large number of plant enzymes and chlorophyll
5. Oligosaccharides like maltose and maltoheptaose
6. Proteins and other essential amino acids that are used by body more efficiently

Way to use wheat grass:

Wheat grass is very hard to digest in the raw intact state; hence, people do not eat wheat grass, rather they crush and squeeze the grass to extract the wheat grass juice. People also make capsules and tablets out of it by drying the leaves. Wheat grass can also act as an ‘enema’ to clean the digestive system by mixing with water.

Potential health benefits of wheat grass:

Many health care specialists believe that wheat grass is a beneficial option. Here are few benefits of wheat grass that makes it a potentially important dietary supplement:

Chlorophyll power:

Wheat grass contains large amount of chlorophyll. However, the chlorophyll must come from a fresh living plant to provide maximum benefits. The chlorophyll content of wheatgrass is about 70%.

1. This chlorophyll is helpful in body building as it is rich in proteins
2. Chlorophyll also contains enzymes that convert the free radicals of the body into more manageable forms and thus help to slow down the ageing process
3. Chlorophyll is also known to slow down the growth and development of bacteria in the body; hence, it is a good antibacterial agent. It is known to act as a natural healer and thus protects the body from infections from inside and outside.
4. Chlorophyll has the ability to get into tissues and cause renewal of tissues
5. Chlorophyll Extract is known to be beneficial for the treatment of several skin diseases like eczema and ivy poisoning
6. Wheat grass juice is beneficial to wash out the drug deposits from the body
7. Chlorophyll juice extract of wheat grass is beneficial to purify liver
8. Chlorophyll improves blood sugar problems

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Wheat grass is also called super food because it is rich in several vitamins necessary for the body. A fresh glass of wheat grass juice also contains more than 17 essential amino acids and other proteins.

If the wheat grass juice is consumed daily for a long time (more than 7-8 months) then this juice is helpful in treating acne and removing scars

Wheatgrass juice is helpful in restoring the sex hormones and thus improves the fertility conditions

Wheatgrass is a good antibacterial agent and if the juice of fresh wheat grass is held in the mouth for 5 minutes, then it is helpful in easing the pain. In the long run wheatgrass juice is beneficial in treating tooth decay. It is also known to treat pyorrhoea and ease sore throat also.

Another benefit of wheatgrass is the treatment of arthritis. It helps to improve the condition of arthritis if a cotton cloth dipped in wheat grass juice is placed on the affected area and wrapped for some time.

It is beneficial for our hair also. The juice contains several antioxidants that delay the greying of hairs, and reduces the flaking of scalp or dandruff production. For getting the full benefits you should apply the juice on hair and wash off after half an hour.

Wheat grass is helpful in removing the heavy metals from the body. It is very helpful solving the problems of blood disorders in the body as the wheatgrass juice is rich in oxygen containing chlorophyll.

Wheatgrass juice is also beneficial in cleansing of the skin, it rinse of the dead skin from the body and improves the complexion also.

A mixture of half glass of water with few drops of wheat grass juice is helpful for removing eye irritation.

Things to remember before using wheatgrass:

It is very bitter in taste, so might cause nausea in some people
If you’re pregnant or breast-feeding, don’t use wheatgrass
It may cause swelling or headaches in some people allergic to wheat or its grass
Wheat grass is a supplement; it shouldn’t replace the healthy diet of fresh fruits and veggies


Wheat grass is a solid dietary supplement. It’s very rich in essential nutrient such that the wheatgrass juice is considered very beneficial for the overall health of the body. It is highly recommended to use the wheat grass juice judiciously as many people may show aversion to the taste of the juice. So, one must pick up the juice quantities slowly and gradually.

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