Do not allow low testosterone level obstruct your manhood

The ‘T’ factor that denotes Testosterone is very crucial for men. Its high volume makes the life exciting while low level poses serious problems to physical and psychological conditions. Men need to understand the symptoms of low testosterone to treat them adequately.

low testosterone

Testosterone represents the sex hormone that signifies your adulthood. The production of real testosterone indicates the arrival of puberty and the development of physical features in males. Moreover, testosterone plays a key role in maintaining men’s physical strength, facial structure, pubic and body hair growth and the deepening of the voice. It is also necessary for the production of sperms.

A question that is frequently asked is whether a low testosterone level can cause ED or not. The answer is yes; low testosterone level, also called hypogonadism, can affect men’s sex drive, excitement, ED and bone density. Testosterone helps improve everything from a man’s libido to his sex mood, but when its levels are low, it can have a negative impact on a man’s physical health and emotional behavior.

Causes of low testosterone:

There are several causes of lowering the level of testosterone. These causes are classified into two categories– primary causes and secondary causes.
The primary hypogonadism is related to the failure or problem in the testicular, leading to erectile dysfunction. The factors behind the primary causes include testicle’s injury, Klinefelter syndrome (abnormal testicle development), and naturally underdeveloped testicles
The secondary hypogonadism is related to the problem with pituitary or hypothalamus glands that help producing testosterone. The factors behind this type of low testosterone include intense medications, pituitary disorders, diabetes (type 2), aging and depression.

Symptoms of low testosterone:

No matter what are the causes of hypogonadism, but its symptoms are very common. Some of its signs are identified even before the teenage, such as:

• Ambiguous genital
• Underdeveloped Male genitalia
• Slow development of muscle mass
• Slow growth of body hair
• No deepening of the voice
• Small size of penis or testicles
• Disproportionate growth of arms and legs as compared to rest of the body.

Symptoms of hypogonadism in adult include:

• Low sex drive
• Fertility problem
• Erectile dysfunction (ED)
• Low semen volume
• Development of sparse body hair
• Lack of energy
• Slow development of facial structure
• Growth of breast tissue
• Low blood testosterone level
• Loss of muscle mass
• Underdevelopment of bone mass

Generally, there are some age-related symptoms of low testosterone such as:
• Fatigue and weakness
• Depression
• Lack of excitement
• Sleep disturbances

These age-related signs are not necessarily applicable to all ageing men, but they are caused by other factors like excess consumption of alcohol, heavy medication, contagious disease, mental disturbance, shift job and lack of a balanced diet, etc.

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Diagnosis of low testosterone:

First of all, it’s a bit difficult to establish the actual causes of low testosterone, as its normal level varies in different individuals. The low levels of testosterone level is not a sign of its dearth.
The gradual decline of testosterone is a natural phenomenon that triggers and continues as we age. There are some medical and natural methods to enhance the ‘T’ level. The medical solutions are based on the symptoms of low testosterone while natural solutions can be taken to achieve optimum level. Some of those natural remedies include:

• Lose extra weight
A fat middle-aged person could be an easy victim of low testosterone levels. Being overweight and having diabetes are closely linked, and so is the diabetes and low amount of testosterone. So, try to shed the extra fat to keep your T levels high, and the best way to achieve that is nutritious diet and regular exercise.

• Disallow heavy intake of sugar
Many health research studies say that excess of glucose or sugar can decrease the testosterone levels in the blood. So, go easy on sugar to prevent any possible diabetic symptoms.

• Eat zinc-rich food items
Most of the men with hypogonadism have a deficiency of zinc. This particular mineral plays a key role in regulating the semen level. Edible items like oyster, red meat, and poultry products have abounded quantity of zinc. An adult male should take about 11 mg of zinc every day. Some of its other sources are:
Whole grains

• Get full sleep
The lack of sleep affects the level of testosterone. The reduced hours of sleep may hamper the health condition and restrict your wellbeing; thereby the blood testosterone levels are dropped significantly. Many people wonder if low testosterone can cause ED, the lack of body relaxation due to incomplete sleep can certainly deteriorate your sex life.

Since the level of testosterone is directly related to the physical and mental health of the adult men, the proper action is required to keep it up to the levels. Naturally, an aging man witnesses the symptoms of low testosterone, but its level can be enhanced to some extent. So, wake up and take the necessary steps to keep your testosterone level high.

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