ContraceptivesNowadays, sex education has become one of the most important issues affecting the teenagers. Average American teenager aged 13 and above has become sexually active beings. Sex plays an important role, not just because it’s enjoyable but also because it can be a beautiful way to express your love for your partner. With more and more American teens becoming sexually active quite early on, it’s very important to educate them about it. If these teenagers are not given proper sex education, they run the risk of being totally negligent towards their bodies and minds. The affect that is caused by young children being sexually active early one, can be dangerous and they might end up regretting their decision to get involved in the act in the first place. Traumatic pressure on the body and mind, peer pressure or even exploring their sexual tendencies can leave a huge impact on their future life. If you think you’re kid is not indulging yet, you may be wrong! Choosing the right partner, use of contraceptives, the right attitude towards sex is something that you’ll need to educate your child about. And above all, there is always that one question lurking around – are they safe?

You are the one to ensure that. There is a balance that needs to be maintained between education and corrupting young minds. Giving proper beneficial information to children in their growing years helps them get clarity and they grow up to be matured and sophisticated. As much as possible, it’s best for young ones to get important knowledge from their parents and teachers. Here are a few benefits of giving sexual education to teenagers.

Change in behavior

Sexually educated children grow up to be sophisticated and indulge in private and safe sex, and use contraceptives. Those who don’t receive sex education early on are wild, carefree and irresponsible in their acts. They indulge in sexual activities casually and just for fun. Instead of a symbol of love and passion, sex becomes an addiction to them.

Safe from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases

Young ones who are educated in the good and bad of sex, know that protected sex is the best sex. Continuously indulging in sexual activities without any protection and contraceptives, one can expose themselves to dangerous sexually transmitted diseases, which may be fatal, like HIV and Herpes. Having a detailed explanation of the wrong and the right helps teenagers make a sane decision regarding their life. Those who are not well educated on various sexually transmitted diseases are reckless and irresponsible but suffer later.

Unwanted pregnancy and abortion

If the young ones are aware about proper precautions and contraceptives that they should take if they do not want to get pregnant, they would not have to undergo the trauma of an unwanted pregnancy. Proper sex education will have prepared them mentally and emotionally to deal with such scenarios as well as avoid such scenarios. With the number of teenage pregnancies on the rise, it seems the need of the hour to educate our kids.

Respect your partner

Sex education given at the right time helps build a person’s character. A person sexually sane would have the decency to respect the other sex and treat them as humans and not sexual objects. They would understand the difference between desire and need. Instead of being sex crazed hooligans, they will grow up to be mature individuals having known all that there is to know.

Be confident while educating them

The confidence of the parent teaching sex education to children is also important. If the parents themselves are shaky and not comfortable with the “talk”, they might provide half bake information or not reveal certain things while educating their child about sex. Be true and be confident. Talk friendly and answer all their queries in detail.

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