Contraceptives Nowadays, sex education has become one of the most important issues affecting the teenagers. Average American teenager aged 13 and above has become sexually active beings. Sex plays an important role, not just because it’s enjoyable but also because it can be a beautiful way to express your love for your partner. With more and more American teens becoming sexually active quite early on, it’s very important to educate them about it. If these teenagers are not given proper sex education, they run the risk of being totally negligent towards their bodies and minds. The affect that is caused by young children being sexually active early one, can be dangerous and they might end up regretting their decision to get involved in the act in the first place. Traumatic pressure on the body and mind, peer pressure or even exploring their sexual tendencies can leave a huge impact on their future life. If you think you’re kid is not indulging yet, you may be wrong! Choosing the right partner, use of contraceptives, the right attitude towards sex is something that you’ll need to educate your child about. And above all, there is always that one question lurking around – are they safe? Continue Reading