Teenage Pregnancy : Stop The Rise!

World pregnancy awareness and condom awareness week is celebrated from 10th to 16th February every year. This week signifies how to avoid pregnancy and impart knowledge about using condoms. As the second week of February draws near, it is worth thinking whether everybody has information about pregnancy and the use of condoms. The celebration marks the effort put in to strengthen pregnancy education and to raise awareness about the importance of using condoms. It is the best time to educate young adults of the serious risks of unprotected sex that may lead to unwanted pregnancy.

avoid teenage pregnancy

Avoiding teenage pregnancy

Lack of communication between parents and teenagers is a major reason for teenage pregnancy. Most teenagers don’t have any awareness about contraceptives and even their own body. Usually, this leads teens to follow wrong beliefs that make them careless thus causing unwanted pregnancy. So, it is necessary to make them aware about pregnancy and the different ways to avoid it. There are some clinics that impart knowledge about pregnancy prevention. They also help them learn about the different contraceptive methods. However, it is of vital importance that parents discuss openly with their teens about pregnancy and give accurate knowledge.

The best way to counter pregnancy is to avoid intercourse. Abstinence not only protects against unwanted pregnancy but also diminishes the chances of getting sexually transmitted infections (STI). There are also other ways to avoid pregnancy that includes birth control methods. The most effective form of protecting against STI and pregnancy is the use of condoms. Some effective tips have been highlighted which can prove useful to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

1. Avoid pregnancy naturally

Many people practice this method, but there is no guarantee about its success. It is a popular belief that there are certain days before and after periods during which a woman cannot get pregnant. However, there is no certainty about this method as it is difficult to determine the actual date of the periods.

2. Ovulation method

In this method, it is recommended that intercourse should be avoided during the ovulation days. However, it is tough for most women to determine the exact date of their menstrual cycle. This method is also not full-proof, so it is preferable to rely on it.

3. Hormonal methods

This signifies the different kinds of contraceptive pills that are available these days. In this method, the birth control pills prevent the ovaries from producing eggs in the uterus. These pills may give some side effects, so it is imperative to consult a doctor before taking them. The doctor will prescribe the suitable medicines and health supplements for women to curb the side effects. AllDayChemist provides a wide range of contraceptive pills and generic drugs that can be purchased online.

4. Condoms

Condoms are considered to be the safest means to avoid pregnancy. This proves to be a reliable way to counteract pregnancy and STI and have safe sex. When buying condoms, it is necessary to check its expiry date. Also, ensure that it is stored well, and instructions are followed properly when using them.

Apart from teenagers, married couples also need to be cautious about pregnancy prevention. They need to plan and prepare themselves to welcome their child with open arms. We would like to know your views about our blog. If you like our blog, please share your views in the comments section.

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