Healthy Foods for Healthy Pregnancy

Diet plays a major role in our life. An improper food plan or lack of nutritions in the diet leads to one of the biggest problems in many married couples known as infertility. Infertility in simple words means even after trying hard and many times, women is unable to conceive that quickly. Infertility results in emotional stress. Health is an important factor, if we are healthy then there would not be any problem in conceiving. Women’s health is all the more essential because she is the one who gives birth to a child. So, she must follow a healthy lifestyle for a long and happy life.
Healthy PregnancySmoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is in vogue these days. Women love being the centre of attraction and they think that smoking a cigarette would make them look cool enough. The effects of smoking cigarettes in the long run are extremely dangerous. The mentality of many college students is restricted to eating unhealthy food and indulging in bad habits. From staring at a smart phone to drinking alcohol, anything can affect women’s fertility.

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In fact there are several complications of infertility on health which includes side effects from medications, multiple pregnancy or stress. It becomes essential that every female must adopt healthy eating. Healthy eating habits should be adopted from the beginning so that later on no complications ever come in any couple’s married life. The blog will particularly focus on foods which must be avoided and should be eaten for healthy pregnancy.

Ill-effects of drinking alcohol and caffeinated drinks

Alcohol and caffeinated drinks- Alcohol and caffeine are both highly acidic and they could lead to infertility in both men and women if consumed in excess. Our body naturally produces acid but alcohol and caffeinated drinks or foods like red meat and dried fruits may significantly increase body’s overall acidity putting strain on liver and kidneys which results in toxicity depleting body nutrients vital for reproduction. Further these highly acidic products also throw off body’s acid alkaline balance which could be problematic as sperms thrive in an alkaline environment only.

The risk for infertility grows 55% higher in women who consume a single cup of coffee day, whereas it is 100% higher in those who take 1.5-3 cups of coffee. Coffee also affects foetal growth and enhances risk of miscarriage. Problems with sperm count also are there for men drinking each day. Drinking alcohol leads to disturbances in oestrogen/progesterone balance in many women. Even according to research, drinking alcohol decreases sperm count, increase abnormal sperm and lower sperms motility. For optimal fertility, it is recommended that one must avoid highly acidic foods and drinks and start consuming alkaline foods such as sea vegetables, fruits, veggies, coconut water, and oils like avocado, olive or flaxseeds.

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Other foods which should be avoided to prevent future infertility are given below:

Foods to be avoided

  • Trans fats- Trans fats are also known as damaged, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats which are commonly found in many processed or fried foods, processed oils and margarines. These should not be consumed as they may prevent body from making use of essential fats. Products which have been labelled as low fat should also be avoided as they may contain added trans fats, sugars and sweeteners. In a study, women eating more than two low fat dairy products in a day are twice as likely to face problems conceiving. Try to stick on foods rich in monounsaturated fats like olive oils, avocados, peanuts and free range poultry.
  • Refined carbohydrates- Refined carbohydrates are quite bad for fertility because they release sugars into the blood stream quickly. This causes pancreas to rapidly release hormone named insulin. In women, this may lead to increased production of hormone called testosterone. Hence there is hormonal imbalance which affects ovulation. You must replace refined carbs with complex carbohydrates such as beans, vegetables, whole grains, berries and citrus fruits like orange in order to have optimal ovulation. These foods are more nutritionally dense and also help to keep blood sugar level in control.
  • Swordfish- Consuming large fishes such as swordfishes, tuna or shark more than once in a week helps to enhance toxins in the body which in turn mess with hormone regulation, blood sugar and cholesterol level, as well as digestion. These foods need to be stable for preserving fertility so what you can do is consume smaller fish or try to limit intake of these food items for better health.
    From the list of foods to be avoided, there are food items which every woman must eat to have a healthy married life.

Healthy foods to eat for women

  • Lean protein- Animal proteins like turkey, chicken and beef are full of iron. The study says that there is strong link between iron and fertility. Women consuming more iron have a comparatively higher fertility rate than those who are deficient in iron. Every woman must pump up her intake of lean animal proteins to two servings in a day. Remember to stay away from high fat varieties and avoid more than three daily servings because taking too much protein even lean protein may decrease fertility.
  • Berries- Blueberries and raspberries are the fruits packed with antioxidants which are highly effective to prevent damage and aging to body’s cells (cells included in the reproductive system- eggs). So consuming a diet rich in berries keep eggs healthy and enhance shelf life as well.
  • Oysters Oyster is one of the famous foods known for being an aphrodisiac. It contains zinc which is really crucial for conception. Having zinc deficiency in body may disrupt the menstrual cycle and slows down production of good quality eggs. Zinc is present in some fertility foods like beef, poultry, dairy, nuts, eggs, whole grains and legumes. You may also get zinc from prenatal vitamin.
  • Iron- The study says that women are deficient in iron are less likely to conceive. Every woman must try to have apricots, clams, shrimp, prunes and tofu which would help to enhance fertility with the presence of high iron level. One should also have foods rich in vitamin B12 vitamin C, vitamin E, and calcium.We all know that how important it is for every woman to conceive. Try to eat recommended portions of major food groups to avoid health problems in conceiving. Try to stay fit and eat healthy as being healthy is important for better sexual life and reproduction.
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