veggiesIt’s always said that, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. That’s true, however, a lesser known fact is that vegetables are as important as fruits in your diet, to keep you healthy and boost the happy hormones. Most of us are bored with plain home cooked food. Spice up your food with various changes in your diet! Here are some tips to have tasty, healthy and genius ways to use veggies in your diet as much as possible to boost your health.

Stock your fridge with only vegetables that you want to eat and can experiment with. Customize your meals with veggies that you like, mix and match them and invent a new dish every time you cook! Even in the ancient days, Garlic was believed to have potential health benefits. It helps combat cold and sickness. Add garlic to your everyday meals. Add it up to spinach and corn for your dinner.

Be mindful and give less time to prepare heavy lunch in the mornings. Pack your lunch box with all kinds of veggies with herbs and spices. The bolder the color, the better the veggie! For example, add broccoli, mushrooms and cauliflower to a chicken curry or chopped spinach and flax seeds to spaghetti sauce. Also, mushrooms are one of, if not the best, vegetarian foods for preventing and fighting disease since they help mature the white blood cells in the body and they often act as a shield to keep off diseases. Add them to your pasta or spaghetti noodles to combine taste with health. Better yet, drink up mushroom soup by adding a few spices and some mint leaves.

Instead of protein shakes or daily smoothie boosters and shakes, try vegetable juices throughout the day. Carry juice with you to work or have it with your breakfast, make sure to intake liquid veggies, if not solid! Carrots increase immunity against seasonal colds and flu’s. They are full of beta-carotene. You can eat them raw, add them to your salad or make carrot and cucumber juice. Apart from being healthy, it’s tasty and filling as well. Carrots also help in strengthening the hair follicles and so you will be able to grow some really good hair as well!

Make a low calorie pizza at home. Use a crust made from grated cauliflower instead of flour based crust. It’s low on calorie and more on the taste. Add your favorite veggies like chopped-up mushrooms, spinach, and even broccoli, some spices and a little cheese and your meal is ready!

Instead of bacon and egg in your burgers, try having veggies to give you the health and the taste. Vegetable burgers are tasty and serve the purpose of filling the stomach and of a nutritional snack.

Eat vegetables like fruit, wherever, whenever. Have half a cucumber, a stalk of celery, a whole tomato or a fresh carrot whenever hungry. It may not a whole meal, but it will keep you full till lunch or dinner.

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