Healthy Pregnancy

Diet plays a major role in our life. An improper food plan or lack of nutritions in the diet leads to one of the biggest problems in many married couples known as infertility. Infertility in simple words means even after trying hard and many times, women is unable to conceive that quickly. Infertility results in emotional stress. Health is an important factor, if we are healthy then there would not be any problem in conceiving. Women’s health is all the more essential because she is the one who gives birth to a child. So, she must follow a healthy lifestyle for a long and happy life. Continue Reading

important nutrients for women

Women’s health needs are different from that of men as her body undergoes continuous changes. Right from first menstruation, pregnancy, child birth, post pregnancy and then menopause, women’s healthcare needs special attention. This is often ignored by women. There are various women’s health care products available out there, however nothing beats natural sources for delivering nutrients. Continue Reading



The American Cancer Society recommends women to start mammography screenings at the age of 40. Additionally, it recommends that women at higher risk of breast cancer (with a cancerous family history), should go for regular breast MRIs, if a mammogram screening shows any abnormalities.

However, recent guidelines by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force suggest that mammography should advisably start at the age of 50 instead of 40, however this is only a suggestion for the average woman. What should women with average or high risk of breast cancer do? We take a close look. Continue Reading
Ignoring your teeth

Most women hate being called middle aged. We are always trying to hang on to our youth and take efforts to look young forever. However, this obsession makes most women reluctant to change. Due to this, some tend to look terrible and pathetic. Let’s look at the typical mistakes that middle aged women make and how they can be avoided. Continue Reading