7 Ways To A Healthy Valentine’s Day

February is America’s month of heart. Valentine’s day means lots of love, candy and chocolates. From intimate meals to munching on candies, couples across the globe will celebrate romance this February 14th. The day also means there is a high chance that you will be putting on some kilos. Following tips, will help you turn this Valentines day into a healthy Valentines day:- 

Healthy Valentine's Day tips

1. Take it easy on the roll:

Unrestricted snacking is one of the most common crime we are guilty of during this month. If you’d like a croissant, take one and move far away to avoid reaching out for another. Same goes for chips, cheese dip tacos and all other bewitching foodstuffs.

2. Substitution and modification: You can turn the unhealthiest of meals into a healthy one by using substitutes. For this, you need to implement some healthy cooking techniques. One of the sure ways of achieving that is choosing baked, roasted, boiled or grilled option instead of frying.When dining out, you can ask the waiter if he can give the fat sauces separately from the meal. Valentine’s day and heart shaped candies go hand in hand. Unfortunately, as nice as the gesture is, these chocolates are filled with trans fat, preservatives and chemical additives. For this, you can try to make your own chocolates. You can shape that up with a cookie cutter. It is a good time for you to go online and find for a list of healthy foods and how to be healthy. 

3. Begin small and light: It is a good idea to kick start your meals with healthy fillers. You can go for a yogurt dressed salad or soups. Also, remember that sharing is caring. Splitting the appetizer with your significant other is a good idea.

4. Portion Control: Food served at most restaurants is more often than not larger than normal. Eat half of your meals and take the rest in a parcel. Also, take it easy on the toppings and dressings. Avoid topping your salads with buttery croutons,bacon, grated cheese, and dollops of high-fat dressing.

5. Go Red: Foods like Red bell peppers, strawberries, radicchio, cherries, red onions, red beans and tomatoes are loaded with nutritional benefits like no other. Likewise, glass of red wine with dinner is a good idea, however overdoing will lead to more harm than anything else. Make smart choices in your drinks on your special day. Remember, to never go beyond two or three glasses.

6. Do not say no to everything: Valentine’s Day is a time for joy and happiness. Indulging a little is not going to make a significant to your weight. It is best to have everything in moderation. If you do overindulge don’t vex too much and ruin the mood for you and your partner. Instead think of this as a motivation to hit your workouts with a vengeance.

7. Gift something exclusive and intimate: For many, Valentines day synonymously goes with buying expensive gifts. In truth, it is more about being creative. The more creative that you are, the more it will tell your partner that you care for them. For example, if your loved one loves music or movies then can burn them a CD or DVD with their favorite songs or movies. A scrapbook with pictures of both of you is another fantastic idea.

The true essence of Valentine’s day is expressing your gratitude for your loved one. It is the time for you to express all those innate feelings and let your partner know how much they mean to you. Take care of your body and let it be filled with lots and lots of love.

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