Spirituality and Family HealthAsh Friday and the following 40-day Lent signifies the most spiritual period of the Christian calendar where believers are motivated to open up to the teachings of the Bible. Lent also brings with itself some fair share of, dare I say suffering, in the form of a vegetarian diet, prayers, and repentance. However, many people fail to see the spiritual benefits Lent has to offer. We may not be able to bribe God with our prayers or repentance, but Lent provides you with an opportunity to explore your spiritual dimension.


Family spirituality may or may not be based on religious values. Some families may be spiritually oriented towards religion while some others may view spirituality in relation to the universe, environment or other significant relationships. Families with agnostic beliefs can also be spiritual. The family’s values and beliefs play a major role in determining their spirituality. It may also influence the functioning of the family and help them to manage crisis.

The spirituality dimension needs to be approached from individual as well as family perspectives. It can help in finding out the conflicts between individual and family spirituality. This can also prove useful in recognizing the impact it can have on an individual’s health and the family as a whole. Spirituality can promote good health and help to fight diseases. Faith and spiritual commitment have a positive effect on healing and recovery. Strong spiritual commitment can help you fight against unhealthy behaviours such as smoking, alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

Every individual might have faced some tough situations in their families at some point of time. Whether the problem is related to health, business or any personal issue, it is essential to develop a sense of control and strong bonding within the family. This can be achieved through spiritual beliefs that can create a powerful aura of positivity within the families.

The effect of spirituality on health has led many physicians, psychologists and other professionals to study the relation between them. So, spirituality plays an important role in the way patients face suffering, chronic illness and even the loss of losing someone.

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