6 Easy Ways To Burn Calories

The summer is approaching! That means it’s time to get those bikinis out and hit the beach. The only problem: you don’t have the body! Going to the gym every day is not everybody’s cup of tea. Therefore, burning off those extra calories in such a short time hanging is not going to be an easy task. You can use the following tips to burn more calories complementing you weight loss program.

Drink lot of water

Water plays a huge role in helping you lose weight naturally. Having 8 glasses of water every day will not only help you lose weight, but it will also help the skin and digestive system. It is believed that drinking 8 ounces of cold water can burn 9.25 more calories than water that is in room temperature. There is also said to be a direct correlation between drinking water and fat burning mechanism in the body.

Breakfast within an hour of waking up

It is recommended that you should have your breakfast in an hour after you wake up since it kick-starts the metabolism. It will help you maintain the energy levels throughout the day. Having breakfast early in the morning also means that you will not end up snacking throughout the day. An ideal healthy breakfast should be high in proteins and should contain items like eggs, cheese, milk, and cottage cheese. Even if you are on a low calorie diet, having a wholesome breakfast is recommended.

Interval Training

It simply means that in your everyday activities like walking and climbing stairs should follow a pattern, where you are at first walking at a faster pace then after a predetermined period take a rest and go slow. It is a proven way to burn calories. It is known to be more effective in burning calories than walking at a constant pace. You can use different variations and turn this into a fun activity.

Plan a Protein-based diet

Proteins is all you need to keep those calories at bay. The body uses up more calories to metabolize proteins than it takes to burn carbohydrates. If a meal has 600 calories of proteins, you end up burning approximately 180 calories just by consuming it. Meat and dairy are two sources with the richest amounts of proteins.

Spice is the variety of life

Spices have a two-in-one benefit of not only making your food tastier but also helping you kill those calories, efficiently. Cinnamon for instance,makes the fat cells more responsive to insulin. While adding red-pepper sauce and 1 teaspoon of mustard to meals, increases the metabolic rates by at least 25 percent. Spicy food will also make you drink more water, contributing further to your weight loss regimen. Coffee if had in moderate quantities and without any added cream, sugar, and other syrups, can easily burn up to 10 percent of calories.

Chew on gum

Eating chewing gum can also help you burn 11 calories or more per hour, according to a study. the artificial sweeteners used in the chewing gum could do more harm than good; use chewing gums that are sweetened with Maltitol or Xylitol or seek gums that are naturally sweetened.

Losing weight is not always easy, it requires discipline and consistency. Sometimes, your weight loss regimen may require you to supplement your body with the required nutrients and energy. These additional supplements need not translate into an inflating pharma bill.

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