5 Natural Remedies to Ease Back Pain

Other than cold and flu, the most common reason to visit a doctor is back problems. An occasional back problem can incur for reasons like having a bad posture or due to slight sprain. However, if it is constant or occurs occasionally, then treatment for back pain should be in order. For all those ‘how to cure back pain’ queries, we present to you five pill-free ways to get good riddance to your back woes. While they all work miraculously for mild back pain, some are also known to help ease moderate to extreme back problems.

Natural Remedies to Ease Back Pain

5 Natural Remedies to Ease Back Pain


It is one of the natural ways to cure back pain or any other body pain for that matter. Massage as we know will improve the circulation of that particular part of the body hence helping the healing process better. A study conducted in 2011 proved that people who suffered from back problems and got themselves a massage once weekly for ten weeks showed significant amounts of progress.


The benefits of yoga are well known all over the world. Not only is it good in providing you with optimal relaxation and calming your mind, but it is also a powerful healer of various body aches. A study conducted in 2011 said that people who took a weekly 75-minute yoga course for 12 weeks experienced far less pain in their lower backs than they did before. For those who think yoga is not their cup of tea, you can go for a 50-minute weekly intensive stretching class instead.

Osteopathic Manual Therapy (OMT)

OMT or Osteopathic Manual Therapy usually consists of six sessions during which a doctor of osteopathy puts light pressure on muscles and joints and also stretches them. From the records published in March by the University of North Texas Health Sciences Center showed that a substantial improvement was noticed in the lower-back pain of people hardly in a matter of 12 weeks, while two-thirds of people reported moderate improvement.


When it comes to getting rid of back problems, nothing works like age old techniques. Acupuncture is one such method that is known to reduce pain than any pain killers. A study initiated by a body from Oakland in 2009, even went to the extent of claiming that acupuncture may relieve lower-back aches more efficiently than therapy or medications.

Comfrey Root

A report published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine claimed that using any ointment that contains comfrey root extract will bring down lower-back pain by a whooping 95%. However, users have been warned to not apply it for more than 10 days in a row as it can prove to be toxic.

Back problems are inevitable and when they happen they are be very painful. When all is said and done, and you still cannot find a solution to cure back pain, medications can be your answer.

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