How to Manage Migraine Attacks at Work

Migraine is a debilitating neurological disease that can wreak your normal life. The recurring and throbbing migraine headaches make it difficult to concentrate on simple tasks. You start contemplating what to do when you get migraine at work. Migraine is a neurological disease that makes it difficult to manage a full-time job. Most people ignore the symptoms of migraine saying that it is just a bad headache. However, it is necessary to follow some migraine relief tips that can help you to get rid of the throbbing headaches.

Migraine How to get rid of migraine when at work?

Follow the below given migraine relief tips that you can follow to get rid of it:

  •  Keep a diary to try and identify any trigger factors
  •  Avoid any known triggers
  •  Take regular breaks from work
  •  Make sure that you eat healthy food regularly
  •  Drink plenty of water
  •  Maintain a regular sleep pattern
  •  Practice relaxation techniques
  •  People working in a static position need to go outdoors and get some fresh air
  •  Exercise regularly
  •  Ensure that your working environment is comfortable
  •  Change your position during work hours to reduce stiffness and tension
  •  Be well organized and keep your work up-to-date so that someone else can take over easily
  •  Keep your colleagues informed about your migraine attacks
  •  Take action as soon as you get the first signs of a migraine attack
  •  Take migraine medications at the onset of the attack. The migraine drugs will work more effectively at that time.
  •  Make an appointment with a general practitioner if your migraine is affecting your life

 How employers can help people with migraine?

people with migraine

  •  Maintain a good lighting system that ensures the lighting is sufficient
  •  A person suffering from migraine may need to turn off the fluorescent strip and use a special daylight on their desk.
  •  The fluorescent lighting should be well maintained to reduce flickering.
  •  Fit adjustable blinds on windows so that excessive glare can be excluded.
  •  Fit anti-glare screens to computers
  •  Make sure that there is adequate ventilation
  •  Adjust computer screens to eliminate glare or flicker
  •  The temperature at your workplace should be comfortable and suited for doing work.
  •  Supply ear protection if there is a noise problem
  •  Install efficient extractors if strong smells are produced
  •  Design workstations such that there is no unnecessary twisting, stretching or bending
  •  Allow regular breaks that enable employees to move away from their workstations
  •  Don’t ask the employees to work during lunch breaks
  •  Don’t ask employees to work overtime
  •  Supply sufficient drinking water
  •  Make a quiet room available for those who get migraine attacks
  •  Place a provision of short notice for people with migraine
  •  Educate managers about the effects of migraine

It is possible to reduce the severity of migraine attacks with proper treatment. You need to visit a good general practitioner and get migraine drugs and medications to curb this issue.

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