Simple Habits that Can Avoid Damage to Your Teeth

Your teeth are a complex system that you rely on extensively throughout the day. Be it flashing a pretty smile or enjoying a meal, you need a healthy set of teeth. Taking care of your oral hygiene starts with keeping the bacteria and plaque away from your mouth so that you don’t erode the tooth enamel.

Skipping a good dental care regime can let the bacteria grow, causing inflammation and various dental problems. If you want to enjoy a piece of candy corn with soda, take medications, suck on lemons, or eat and drink just about everything, you really need to learn how to take care of your teeth. Let’s take a look at a few manageable steps to avoid permanent damage to your teeth.

Damage to Your Teeth

Avoid brushing immediately after meals

Do not brush your teeth immediately after a meal or drinking something acidic as it may cause the softening of the enamel. Give your teeth some rest for about an hour or you would just cause tooth wear.

Do not brush vigorously

As preachy as it sounds, brushing your teeth too vigorously is more harmful than you think. You might get tempted to brush hard and scrub away all the remnants of food you’ve eaten. But, it will seriously weaken your tooth’s enamel.

Stop gritting and grinding your teeth

All of us grit our teeth, especially while lifting something heavy or when stressed. There are some people who grind their teeth while they sleep. Avoid this as mush as possible as any type of tooth-to-tooth clenching can wear down the teeth.

Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools often

The harsh chemicals and chlorine in swimming pools has been found to be corrosive to tooth enamel over time. If you still go swimming often, just avoid taking the water into your mouth.

Refrain from acidic beverages

Try to eliminate your consumption of soda pops and carbonated soft drinks. Apart from being unhealthy, they contain large amounts of citric acid that can damage or discolor your teeth.

Avoid eating through the day

If you love munching on food all day long, you may be jeopardizing your teeth. The food you consume should be low in acidity. Nuts and dairy foods are helpful balancers to acidic foods.

To maintain dental hygiene, you need brush and floss daily to remove damaging acids. Immediately rinse your mouth with water after eating or drinking anything. You could also take help from an online chemist and use the right products to maintain strong and healthy teeth for a lifetime.

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