Stop ‘Neknomination’ before it’s too late

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Tumblr have revolutionized the world and provide a platform to every person to meet with other people on the Internet. Some people use these networking sites as mediator for meeting new friends, finding old friends, or locating people who have the same interests as they have, called niche networking. 

What Neknomination is and how it changes the behaviour of teenagers?

There is a race going on among teenagers to upload their display pictures and videos by trying to look cool and sexy by doing things like drinking, fighting and smoking. There is no pressure on teenagers to binge drinking or drugs but social networking sites have become a major factor in encouraging teenagers to abuse too much.

One of the biggest fears at this point of time is an online game called Neknomination, an online binge drinking game, where teenagers dare each other to consume extremely strong beverages and post videos of them doing it. Young people who complete the challenge get a chance to dare others with an even bigger challenge. Neknomination

The game neknomination became very popular in the early 2014. As it becomes popular it escalated, with participants performing the challenge in extreme circumstances by consuming in extreme, potent beverages or engaging themselves in dangerous activities either during or after consuming their beverage. This game was basically originated in Australia and is now heading towards the UK and the Ireland. But, an early mention of this game was made on Twitter in 2011, when a U.K. man mentioned playing it with a friend via social networking sites. It has been reported by a British tabloid newspaper that at least five deaths in the United Kingdom and Ireland are directly linked to the drinking game. This online game has claimed many lives, and many teens and adults have landed in hospitals.

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Some of the craziest neknomination dares:

Neknomination is an online drinking game in which players have to film themselves drinking an alcoholic beverage and upload the footage on the web, then nominate the others to do the same. In this game the nominated person has to complete the task within 24 hours.

  • Woman rides a horse into grocery store– In this dare a woman, aged 21 has to ride her horse into a grocery store as part of the challenge. The footage of the incident shows that the girl is riding her horse into the grocery store. After this, she turns to her camera and nominates a friend to complete their own challenge even in front of the security guards before leaving the store.
  • Swallowing a goldfish as a part of dare- A young person, aged 25, has filmed himself downing a pint of beer along two goldfish. This dare put his life in danger and costs him his job too.
  • Woman strips down To underwear in grocery store– A social networking site video, a 19 year old girl took off her raincoat to reveal lingerie before downing can of beer in a fruit and vegetable store. After successfully completing this challenge, she passed the neknomination dare to three of her friends.
  • The salt and ice challenge- This challenge is one of the craziest dares as children and teenagers are left disfigured for life by covering their skin with a layer of salt and then holding ice onto it. It is matter of concern because adding salt to ice can reduce its freezing point to – 17 C° which can cause serious injuries and frost bite. Further, this challenge led to many youngsters turning up at hospitals with first degree burns.
  • Student drank beer while flying plane- A university student aged, 21, took his challenge to new heights by downing a beer on the front seat of an aircraft. The student uploaded video of himself with one hand on the controls and the other on the beer. In the video he is heard saying, “Ready for a pint.”
  • Punch for punch- This is another crazy challenge in which two people make a video punching each other until the other gives up. A youngster, who was father of a cute child collapsed and died playing the game at a party. Moreover, the craze of punch for punch started in the United States but has caused devastating consequences.

Risks of neknomination:

It has been reported that a number of teenage deaths took place due to the neknomination game. This game involves drinking spirits sometimes mixed drugs or chemicals like nail polishes. You should keep in mind the risks of accepting these challenges.

What to do if you’ve been neknominated?

There are various reasons that people can ignore their dares because life is important, not your display pictures and crazy dares.

  • Simply say “no”- It has been proved in varied researches that young people are more than twice likely to have had an alcoholic drink if they have felt encouraged. A majority 61% of 15 to 17 years old only occasionally or rarely drink. You should never hesitate to say no because it’s your life and always think of your parents who sacrificed their life for your well-being before accepting the worthless challenge.
  • Do something good instead- Try to indulge yourself in some good and healthy activities, which provide you knowledge. You can also do shopping for yourself or for your loved ones rather than nominate your friends to a neknomination challenge in next 24 hours. 

What can parents do for their children?

It is never too early to educate or explain your children that if they choose not to drink alcohol, they will not be alone. Parents should suspect their child’s action and activities, and approach confrontation calmly without being too judgemental. Always try to provide a friendly behaviour to the child at home so that he/she can have the opportunity to be honest and open with parents. Try adapting the above advice for the conversations you have with your children.

If the parents counselling is not enough for their children, then it will be very beneficial to enlist the help of an addiction therapist or counsellor. Moreover, there are plenty of treatment options available for your children who have become addicted to alcohol.

There are many things to do and achieve in life rather than consuming alcohol or drugs. Life is short, so try to do something good which you and your parents can be proud of.

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