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There is no such diet for asthma that can reduce the airway inflammation in asthmatics. Sipping a beverage that contains caffeine can cause a slight reduction in the amount of bronchodilation for an hour or two, but a rescue inhaler (a medicine for asthma) can do its job more effectively than it temporarily calms down or manage asthma symptoms. However, a healthy diet is always the right choice for anyone who has asthma. A good diet is an important part of your overall asthma treatment. Weight issues and obesity are associated with severe asthma, so it is crucial to take steps to maintain a healthy weight. Researchers and doctors suggest that what you eat has a direct impact on your asthma. Weight issues and obesity are associated with severe asthma, so it is crucial to take steps to maintain a healthy weight. But further observations need to be analyzed to understand the exact relationship between asthma and diet. Allergies are a common trigger to asthma, hence if you are allergic to certain foods, avoid them to turn down an asthma episode.

Asthma and Nutrition

There is evidence that people who eat foods that contain enough vitamin C, flavonoids, selenium, magnesium, beta carotene, and omega 3 fatty acids have reduced the incidence of asthma. Almost all these substances are a good source of antioxidants that helps protect skin cells from damage. Studies also revealed that children who are not getting enough nutrition through food are more likely to have asthma symptoms. Those who do not include enough amount of fruits and green vegetables in their diet are more likely to experience poor lung function. Studies also revealed that those who eat more nuts, fruits such as apple, grapes, tomatoes are less to get asthma symptoms.

What should you eat prevent asthma, and what else can trigger asthma?

As mentioned above, no evidence shows a clear link between asthma and nutrition. And there is no specific diet for asthma that your doctor may recommend you stop the disease progression. But it’s a wise decision to stick to a diet that includes healthy foods in any way. Try to build a healthy plate at every meal. It emphasizes eating fresh fruits, green vegetables, enough proteins, and vitamins to stay active through physical activity. Here are some dietary tips that can help you feel good and breathe better, thereby avoiding asthma symptoms:

  1. Incorporate plenty of colourful fruits and vegetables in your diet- It is still not known what those specific fruits and vegetables that might reduce asthma are, so the best advice is to add as much as a wide variety of them.
  2. Omega 3 fatty acids are considered beneficial- Eat foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids found in fish like tuna, salmon, and sardines. Plant sources of omega 3 are flaxseeds that are believed to exhibit the number of health benefits. However, no evidence proves the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids for asthma patients, but it’s still a good choice to include in your diet.
  3. Avoids trans fats and omega 6 fatty acids- According to some research studies, eating trans fats and omega 6 fatty acids may worsen asthma. Processed foods and margarine come under these food categories. Such food can cause serious health condition such as heart problems.

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  1. Skip diets high in calories- Eating more calories that you may be able to burn contributes to weight gain. This is bad not only for your general health but also for your asthma. Studies suggest that obese people are more likely to experience severe asthma symptoms. In the same studies, such people were found to take more medicines for asthma and miss more work than people who maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Look for food allergies- Many people have food intolerances such as lactose intolerance, but these are not considered as true allergies and rarely causes or worsen asthma symptoms. Very few people with asthma have true food allergies to eggs, milk, peanuts, shellfish, and other foods. If you have asthma, then exposing to even a small amount of food to which you are allergic to can cause life-threatening symptoms such as shortness of breath and severe wheezing that required immediate asthma medication.
  3. Avoid preservatives- Sulphites that are generally used to keep food fresh and to inhibit the growth of old can trigger temporary asthma symptoms such as coughing wheezing and breathing difficulties. Sulfur dioxide produces by sulfites can irritate your lungs. However, the use of sulphite in fruits and vegetables is no longer considered, but they are still used in many processed foods dried fruits, canned wines, and other food items.

Before you may make dietary changes, it is always a good idea to consult your health care specialist who manages asthma. Depending on your asthma diagnosis, your health care provider might give you specific dietary advice along with medicines for asthma to improve your condition.


Yes, you read that right. Living with Asthma is easier with knowledge!

Living with asthma is a sort of challenge that patients, in general, find it difficult to invade. On the other hand, it becomes much easier to cope with the condition if you have the right knowledge about it. Those who are aware of asthma medication and follow the guidelines of asthma management can easily overcome the difficulties arising due to the breathing problem. These days one can easily buy asthma medication online and take medical advice to control this condition.

Asthma management plan is important:

People with the problem of breathing shortness or asthma find it a daunting task to deal with the condition. It is advised to follow an asthma management plan to understand how to treat this condition comfortably and at the less cost. Under this plan, asthma patients can monitor the condition by checking and recording peak flows as well as the improvement in the functioning of bronchial airways. It gives a positive approach to living with a breathing condition and focusing on a healthy lifestyle. Whatever needed under the plan you can buy asthma products online as well as the doctor’s prescription. Some important facets of an asthma management plan include:

  • Factors related to a healthy lifestyle
  • Environmental factors that trigger asthma
  • Asthma symptoms and their severities
  • Asthma medication to control asthma symptoms
  • Details of medical follow-ups
  • Plans to follow in the case of emergency
  • Food products to take in asthma

Key things that Asthma patients should consider:

  • Know the potential effects of medicines

Asthma is a curable disease, what you need only to take the right medicines. Consult your doctor or an expert to understand the potential effects of the medicines in order to control the condition. If you are allergic to any ingredients of its medicines, it is better to take advice from your doctor before taking them. Also, learn how to take medicine correctly. For example, asthma patients have to take metered dose inhaler, so should know how to use this device correctly to avail maximum benefits. Buy Asthma medication only under prescription. Continue Reading


Asthma is a chronic lung condition that can bring anyone’s life to a standstill. However, if you learn how to tackle this condition with the help of some changes in your lifestyle, you can keep it under control. It is true that this breathing condition can frustrate you with constant pain in the bronchial airways, chest tightness, wheezing, and cough, so the importance of medication cannot be undermined too. You have to buy asthma medication and take it under prescription and, at the same time, take up some lifestyle tips to ease the treatment.

Know your Asthma symptoms better:

Every breathing problem cannot be a symptom of asthma. If you feel any obstacle in breathing air, it is better to go for a medical checkup to understand its nature and cause. Asthma is more related to the problem of narrow bronchial airways so that you experience difficulty breathing. There are different causes behind the shrinkage of airways. So, identify those factors and make an action plan to diagnose the condition. Since it is very easy to buy Asthma products online, you can find the right medicine under prescription. Also, experts recommend a few lifestyle tips to assist the asthma medication and improve breathing.

Lifestyle tips to manage Asthma:


  • Take beverages to improve respiration

Some particular beverages like black tea and coffee are helpful in bronchodilation. These drinks contain some biological active chemical properties that can relax your bronchial tubes and improve breathing. You can also take ginger- or pepper-mixed hot beverages to treat asthma. If you are going to buy asthma products online or over the counter, don’t forget to add such beverages to your list.

  • Beware of your triggers

There are several potential allergens like pollen, dust, mold, smoke, animal dirt, chemical hazards, particles, and fumes that can trigger shortness of breath. The impact of these allergens differs person to person, so you should understand how much they affect your breathing. Some people develop severe chest pain, wheeze and/or shortness of breath when coming into the contact of fume or cigarette smoke. Therefore, stay away from any such allergens to keep your bronchial tubes unaffected.

  • Add fruits and vegetables to your diet

People living with asthma are advised to take a lot of fruits and vegetables in order to improve bronchial tubes. Some particular food products like spinach, berries, lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, apple, and some dry fruits are known to improve the asthma symptoms. The antioxidant properties available in such fruits and vegetables can relax bronchial airways and strengthen immunity to counter the attack of allegiances.

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  • Use inhaler and a peak flow meter

Am medicinal inhaler is an effective solution to make your breathing smooth and comfortable by expanding bronchial airways. Make this hand-held device a part of your lifestyle. A peak flow meter helps you measure the volume of air your lungs puff and push out. It is also an indicator to show the current status of your breathing condition and gives an idea regarding the medication and its effects. Those who buy asthma medication are probably familiar with the application of inhaler and peak flow meter.

  • Take up sports to improve breathing

Asthma does not hinder you from participating in sports activities. In fact, sports can keep your body active and improve breathing as well as blood circulation. Asthma patients should take up some mild physical exercises, morning walk, and yoga to keep their body weight under control. Researchers have also proved that physical exercises can actually reduce the severity of asthma. So, you need not always buy asthma medication or take medical aid to improve breathing. Some sort of physical exercises can be helpful in aiding asthma treatment.

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Asthma Medication

The best way to control asthma is by the carefully planned use of treatments and medicines. There are some excellent asthma medications available to ensure a full recovery. The main aim of managing asthma is to give you control of your medical condition rather than letting the asthma disease control you. Besides taking your asthma medication regularly, you lessen the symptoms by avoiding triggers that lead to the symptoms. Specifically talking about asthma, it’s not that people with asthma are trying to dupe their doctor, but the problem is with asthma itself. Asthma gives a false impression of recovery to the patient, even when they are diagnosed unwell and that is why the patients are lulled into a false sense of security because in case of asthma, it is hard to predict, asthma once suppressed when it will outbreak next. It can be simply hours, days, weeks, or months.

Asthma symptoms

Why do the symptoms of Asthma re-emerge?

When asthma attacks a person, the lining of the airway gets inflamed and it begins secreting more mucus rapidly here by blocking or narrowing the airways, thus making breathing difficult. This disease is triggered by various factors like smoking cigarettes, strong odors, wood smoke, household cleaners, or inhaling certain substances like pollen, mites, or mold. Many people with asthma only see it flare up at certain times of the year. The factors that are responsible for triggering asthma decide the disease’s severity and persistence. For e.g., if a person is suffering from seasonal asthma and is allergic to the pollens, will suffer from asthma during the early spring months.

Generally, asthma is categorized as Intermittent Asthma or Chronic Asthma. In Intermittent asthma, symptoms occur less than three times a week. Intermittent Asthma can occur by using only a short-acting or “rescue” inhaler when symptoms develop. However, chronic asthma refers to the underlying inflammation that is always present in the lungs of asthma patients.  The degree of this inflammation is what determines the severity of your asthma. The best way of treating it is with asthma controller medicines, which are most commonly inhaled steroids. Patients need to take maintenance asthma medication to reduce inflammation between attacks.

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Effects of skipping medicines during the treatment

Skipping your asthma medication, even when you don’t have any symptoms could mean more flare-ups and worsened asthma attacks. As in with asthma, there is inflammation associated with lungs that impede the lung function, so it is necessary to control this inflammation through continued use of anti-inflammatory maintenance asthma medications. The corticosteroid group of the asthma medications is aimed at curing asthma and help prevent the inflammation and reduce the chances of an exacerbation. This exacerbation cannot be completely prevented, but the risk of severity can be minimized.

Take your steroids and prevent exacerbation: Maintenance Drugs

Few patients will go weeks or even months without a problem even if not taking maintenance medications. But doctors can’t always tell which patients fall into this category, so it is recommended to follow your medications religiously. Not taking maintenance medications makes patients more vulnerable. Asthma takes place due to inflammation in the airways and that inflammation doesn’t go even if you feel well. That inflammation is pretty much always there, and symptoms take place when a certain threshold is reached and that threshold is different for each person. This inflammation can be reduced by taking Anti-inflammatory asthma medications. For treating asthma, anti-inflammatory steroids are used. These steroids should not be confused with the steroids taken by the athletes since both the classes are different. These steroids help in controlling asthma; they work by blocking the inflammation response in the lungs and decrease the inflammation over time. Although, steroids can’t stop symptoms once they start, yet they can prevent recurrence. Common steroid asthma medications include Fluticasone, Budesonide, Beclomethasone, Ciclesonide, and Mometasone. Some drugs are sold in combinations.

Skipping medication may trigger ‘Hidden Asthma’: Asthma and Kids

When your kid says that he experiences wheezing in his chest, his chest is aching while breathing or he was playing with his favorite pet and caught the infection, these symptoms straight away indicate the onset of asthma. Treating and preventing asthma in kids is very important because if left untreated, asthma may periodically become more severe and parents may perceive that their child is cured which in fact is not. In kids, if it is not treated, it may complicate things and cause hidden asthma, which means asthma re-emerging with the passage of time. Expert says that remission of symptoms may occur during adolescence, but there is no cure for asthma, and the condition will likely reappear in adulthood if neglected in childhood. The symptoms may vanish during childhood years but may emerge with the contact of unexpected triggers such as a cold, allergy, chemical irritant, or air pollution.

Asthma Medication

It is usual for the parents to skip the medication

Steroids are life-saving drugs as they prevent the dissemination of the infection to other parts and hence reduce the inflammation of the airways. Parents occasionally drop or skip the medicine that comes with steroids because they are scared and wary of the side effects of steroids in their kids. They think that the steroid component in maintenance asthma medications has a disastrous effect on their child’s development, however, it is the most effective drug in the treatment of asthma. Growth suppression issue should not be a reason to avoid steroids. Steroids can be devastating only if swallowed without the doctor’s consultation. When inhaled, it has a direct effect on the target organs. But, there are the cases that are very severe, requiring immediate hospitalization where the doctor has no choice than to put kids on oral corticosteroids which are relatively stronger than inhaled corticosteroids. However, few precautions could be taken with the steroid intake, such as gargling your mouth after using inhalers and rinsing and cleaning the asthma inhaler.

Skipping asthma medication is not advisable and may cause unknown symptoms which may aggravate the present status of the disease. Asthma is a disease which sometimes turns life-threatening with improper medication. You should always take them as prescribed every day. If you feel any discomfort with the asthma medication, talk in detail with the doctor but don’t dump your medicines.

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