Is water missing from your plate

That can of cola with your “healthy” salad lunch might be something that you look forward to, if you’re counting calories then you might even replace it with a diet cola, the fact is, a huge chunk of worldwide population is omitting the requisite water intake because of more appealing alternatives. Big brands in the soft-drink industry aren’t helping things either; they tend to dominate ad space, in print, television, even on the internet. Continue Reading

low on energy

There are plenty of benefits of drinking water. Even the doctor says that one must consume eight glasses of water every day. Water maintains the most important place in our everyday lives. If we talk about the study as conducted by the University of Connecticut, it is found that dehydration can easily cause change in a person’s mood, his energy level and the ability to think or concentrate. Women may also find tasks harder to do, but the low-level dehydration won’t hinder the cognitive abilities. Continue Reading