7 Skin Care Tips for Summer

Summers are the biggest enemy for any skin, and the skin is the most delicate part of our body. The ultraviolet rays affect our skin deeply because of which we face many skin issues like sunburn, dark patches, acne, oily skin, etc. It is very much advisable to use sunscreen while going out in summers. But is the sunscreen really help our skin to protect it from sun heat and make it a healthy skin?

It is a saying to have healthy skin be hydrated. Intake of enough water saves you from rough skin patches. Healthy skin texture is a dream of every person, good eating habits, self-care, drinking plenty of water, fruits, liquid intake, etc. helps to make your skin healthy.

Types of Skin damages in summer:

Facing the heat is the most common problem in summer. People avoid going out in the sun to safeguard their skin as many people face skin conditions like:

  1. Skin Rashes: This is the most common problem in summers, sweating, tight clothes, heat, dust, and dirt clog, etc. result in itchy rashes, blisters or mini bumps on the skin badly.
  2. Dehydration: our body is made of water and we contain 75 percent of water. Dehydration is basically a loss of water. Like our body, our skin also needs water to bear sun heat. When our skin does not get enough hydration, then it starts leading skin dryness, skin irritation, lips cracking and dry skin patches.
  3. Acne: Dirt and dust are common in summers and affect the skin badly if not taken care off. Acne appears in form of pimple, spots, marks, that comes due to sweat, a combination of heat and dirt. Dust generally clogs the skin’s pores and heat gives bacteria a perfect environment to grow.
  4. Sunburn: Sunny sun looks good in winters but when it comes to summer it becomes too harsh on the skin which gives rashes, red patches (called sunburn). Sunburn especially attacks to those who have sensitive skin.
  5. Tanning: Tanning changes our skin tone due to heat. Due to UV rays, it darkens the skin and pop-up hyperpigmentation.
  6. Fungal Bacteria: Our body deals with many frictions to our skin like sweat, tight or fitted clothing. These friction and sweating generate infection and infection leads to rashes at time fungal infection.

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Tips to Beat the Heat

Summers has many disadvantages but there are ways to overcome from them. Tip to deal with summers are as follows:

  1. Face Wash: Like environment need change in weather so as our skin needs a change of facewash. In winter we need a trick to clean up but in summers we need a wash which clean and clear our skin deep inside and remove excess oil which is unhealthy for the skin. So, pick up a good face wash to avoid skin issues.
  2. Antioxidant: Antioxidant help to keep the body hydrated. Add citrus fruits juices, green leafy vegetable, green tea, nuts, and whole grain to make your skin glowing.
  3. Scrub: Twice a week scrubbing help to remove dirt pollutants and oil from your skin. It’s good to use homemade scrubs for the skin as it does not contain harmful chemicals and it has a natural effect.
  4. Keep hydrated: Having more liquid can helps the skin to glow. Drink citrus juices, eating fresh fruits, lemonades, coconut water, plenty of water can help to keep skin healthy and hydrated.
  5. Cut short your Makeup: Too much of makeup is always unhealthy for the skin as it blocks skin pores and invites dirt and dust for the skin. One should avoid heavy make up in summer to let the skin breathe naturally.
  6. Sunscreen: Due to high UV radiation our skin can get burn. Application of a sunscreen cream can protect skin that contains at least SPF30- 50. Apply sunscreen every time before step out from home.
  7. Try using natural remedies: Opting home and natural remedies like yogurt, cucumber, fresh juices, sandal, rose petals, fruits punches, etc is always wise to stay safe. People generally believe that toners, cleansers, face wash can do wonders to our skin but it’s not true. Using natural remedies along with it are more of result oriented.

So get ready for summers and try these tips to let your skin feel happy, fresh and breathable.