Erectile dysfunction is more than just a taboo

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has become a widespread condition affecting sexual health of men, disturbing them physically and emotionally. It’s better to find out the causes of erectile dysfunction and rectify them as soon as possible.

Erectile dysfunction
Your sex health tells a lot how you take on your life and how you maintain your self-esteem. On the other hand, ED problems are assumed to be a big blot on your self-confidence and personality. The persistence of ED not only affects your life but also ruins your partner’s sex life.

Anatomy of Erectile dysfunction:

In the layman term, erectile dysfunction refers to a condition in which penis is unable to become sufficiently rigid so it cannot perform intercourse as desired by your partner. It’s impossible to perform sex because penis muscle finds it hard to align with the excitement for long.
There are two chambers in penis filled with corpora cavernosa. The smooth muscle in the erection chambers allows blood to enter and stay in the chambers, creating pressure in the chambers and thereby making the penis rigid enough to a natural erection. In the situation of orgasm, your nerve releases chemicals that further increases blood flow into the penis. In the condition of erection dysfunction, a membrane (tunica albuginea) fails to trap blood in the corpora cavernosa, so the penis muscle does not become rigid enough.

Severity of Erectile dysfunction:

Sexual inability is no more a taboo for men. Most of the men are eager to know the causes of erectile dysfunction, and they share information about it. Statistically, about 5% men in their 40s have ED while its presence increases up to 25% when they cross 65-year mark. And every second man after 70 finds ED very common; it may be because their sexual desire vanishes by then.
Symptoms of erectile dysfunction:
There are some common signs of ED that men witness. These symptoms can be identified as:

Inability to complete sexual intercourse
Inability to achieve a perfect erection
Premature ejaculation
Softness in penis
Imperfect orgasm

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

A perfect and successful sexual pleasure requires a specific sequence of events. Any disturbance can break the entire sequence, and your desire would remain unfulfilled. Erectile dysfunction is one such problem that can break the sequence. There are different factors for causing ED, such as:

• Diabetes
• Depression
• Kidney disease
• Chronic alcoholism, smoke, and tobacco use
• Heart diseases
• Obesity
• Multiple sclerosis
• Underactive thyroid disorder
• Arterial Disorders
• Cardiovascular disease

Some other factors that can also cause ED problems include:

Neurogenic disorders generated by nerve disorders, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis
Damage to the arteries near the penis
Bladder cancer and enlarged prostate gland
Penis injury
Heavy medications including tranquilizers, blood pressure drugs, antihistamines, and antidepressants
Psychological conditions like anxiety, fear of sexual failure, guilt feeling, unhappy partner or strenuous marriage
Hormonal disorders

A healthy erection involves the proper function of hormones, brain, nerves, muscles and blood vessels. If any of these components fails to play its part, then it’s difficult to achieve the good erection.

Diagnosis of ED:

The standard remedy of erectile dysfunction is very much related to your lifestyle. You can improve your sexual strength through:

• Physical exercising
Regular workout at the gym or natural environment is essential to increase the levels of male hormones, which further elevates your mood towards sex. The blood circulation increased through exercise works well to bring rigidness in the penis

• Muscle massage
The massage of the whole body with the natural oils energizes you and enhances your sex power. Don’t forget to massage your penis as it helps to achieve good orgasm and smooth erection.

• Natural weight loss
Obesity is a big hurdle for healthy sexual intercourse, but burning extra weight through hard medications is also not good for health. So take a natural route to shed weight that would also make your sex life pleasant.

• Healthy diet
The role of diet is very important to boost your sex power. Most of the causes of erectile symptoms can be avoided through healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. Increase the consumption of nuts, dry fruits, fish, green vegetables, juicy fruits and milk to take care of your overall health. The protein and vitamin-rich food items must be essential ingredients of your daily meals.

• Quit smoking, tobacco, and alcohol
You have to limit or quit smoking and alcohol if you want to treat ED problems. Smoking and healthy sex life cannot go altogether. Smoke and alcohol make a huge impact on sex power. Problems like early ejection and ED are very common in the addicts.

Both physiological and psychological treatments are crucial for powering sexual health. Sometimes, a healthy-looking man can be emotionally weak that can make him an easy victim of ED.

Beware of ED medications

Medicines like Viagra and Cialis can increase blood flow to the penis, but they can render some side-effects too. Furthermore, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction are aggravated by the regular use of sex-boosting medicines. Men living with diabetes and low blood pressure should avoid the consumption of any such hard medications. Some of their common side-effects include:
• Headache
• Digestive problem
• Blurred vision
• Facial distortion
• Nasal congestion
• Dizziness
The homeopathic treatment of ED is also available that can be used tried if it suits you well. The problem is that there are not many homeopathic experts who can treat your problem. You have to beware of deceivers who are frequently seen in the crowded places.

Your sexual weakness or inability to satisfy your partner is not a subject to hide and remain silent; otherwise it will torture you physically and psychologically. If you identify any of the causes of erectile dysfunction, you need to pay immediate attention for the early treatment. It’s widely recommended to live a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. The best treatment of ED problems comes from within; you have to be mentally strong to live a healthy sex life.

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