Effective Home remedies for hair loss

The hair loss is not a rare phenomenon, and it’s very common to see people around us with complete or partial bald look. Home remedies for hair loss are very effective to change this scenario, if you take them under some guidance.

Home remedies for hair loss

The glimmering natural hair is an indication of your wellbeing, and it certainly adds an attraction to your personality. It’s psychologically very painful to lose hair, especially when you are in your younger age. Some people accept it as their destiny and lose hope to gain, hair again while some people make continuous efforts keeping some medical and natural remedies for hair loss. Such home remedies work well and, over a period, you can regain hair to a good extent.

Causes of hair loss:

There are several reasons for loss of hair, which drastically changes our overall appearance, but genetics is the supreme factor for male or female pattern hair loss. This tendency can be inherited from the father or mother’s side.
Male hormones, especially testosterone is another major factor behind the condition of hair loss. On the other hand, women tend to witness thinning hair after reaching menopause.
The age-related baldness or pattern hair loss is very common, as the people in their 50s and 60s find it difficult to retain the shine and density of hair.
Physical and mental stress also play a role in the hair fall that substantially leads to baldness over time.
Some other factors like pregnancy, deficiency of protein and vitamin B, long-term medications, anemia, hypothyroidism, steroid consumption, and chemotherapy are possibly responsible for causing hair loss.


Hair loss starts with hair thinning and then gradually you become its victim. You may also witness itching and skin sores on the scalp that deteriorates the hair follicles. Both male and female pattern hair loss does not necessarily cause the complete baldness, so you have to understand its starting point.

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Home remedies for hair loss:

If you wish to keep yourself away from the intense medications and rely on home solutions to achieve a perfect lissome, then the options are plenty. When it comes to preventing hair fall, the home remedies will not disappoint you. Let’s see some of those basic natural remedies for hair loss that are frequently used.

• Coconut milk
Coconut milk is a great resource of proteins and minerals essential for strengthening hair follicles. The iron and potassium found in this milk can prevent hair breakage. You can simply grind the raw coconut to extract its milk. Coconut oil is also included among the best home remedies for hair loss.

Amla (Indian gooseberry)
Amla is a strong natural item that strengthens hair follicles and controls hair falls. The regular application of amla or Indian gooseberry promotes strong and shiny hair, and at the same time, it improves pigmentation of the hair. This fruit is full of vitamin C and antioxidant properties that can reverse hair loss. You can eat one raw amla a day as well as apply its juice directly on hair follicles.

• Oil massage
Massaging hair with the oil rich in vitamin E and antioxidant properties helps to gain healthy and strong hair. Massage increases the blood circulation in the scalp, and it’s necessary at least once a week. Massaging hair with rosemary oil, castor oil or olive oil can protect hair loss at the initial stage.

• Garlic and onion
The application of garlic and onion is widely recommended for reducing hair fall. These kitchen herbs are included among the best home remedies for hair loss and scalp fungus. Garlic contains selenium that bonds well with the vitamin E to protect hair follicles while the sulfur present in the onion helps to boost hair growth. Apply garlic paste directly on the hair follicles, similarly put the onion juice on the scalp and let it dry for 30 minutes.

• Egg Mask
The healing properties found in the egg whites are unmatched. The egg mask can bring about the softness and natural shine to the hair. Egg white is rich in iron, protein, sulfur, iodine, zinc and phosphorus; all these elements are essential for thicker hair growth. Apply egg masks on the hair and leave it for half-an-hour and then wash it off with soft hands. You can also use egg white mixed with fresh curd or yogurt that enhances its effects.

• Invest in a diet:
A healthy and balanced diet is vital for the overall growth of body tissues including scalps. Those who are witnessing severe hair fall are advised to make sure the high intake of vitamins, iron, protein, and minerals in their daily foods. Increase the amount of green vegetables and fruits for the prevention of hair loss. Any natural remedies for hair loss will not effectively work if you compromise with your diet, so put it at the top of your list of home methods.

Only one or two methods are not enough to prevent hair fall, it requires a concerted effort for a long time. There are many over-the-counter medicines and hair transplant technology, but they pose a bit of a risk to your health, whereas home remedies for hair loss are safe and affordable too. Even if you are not witnessing this problem, you should take these natural things as a precautionary measure.

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