Home remedies for pigmentation

Natural Home Remedies for Pigmentation

Skin hyper pigmentation can lead to dark patches and uneven skin colour. It happens as a result of excessive melanin production. Home remedies for pigmentation can work to take care of this issue.

Home remedies for pigmentation

Skin pigmentation can happen in any part of the body including neck, arms, legs hands and face. The chief cause of excessive melanin can be attributed to certain internal factors including pregnancy, hormonal changes and other health issues. External factors such as skin injury, sun exposure, stress, burning or contact with certain chemicals can also lead to hyper pigmentation. Here are some simple home remedies for pigmentation:

• Lemon
Lemon comprises citric acid that helps to bleach the skin. This natural and popular bleaching agent is excellent to help fade blemishes from the skin. Squeeze some juice and rub it all over the face with the help of a cotton ball. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes before washing off with water. Follow this remedy for at least a couple of months till you find a noticeable improvement.
You can also mix lemon and honey and apply the mix on your face. Cover the skin with a warm towel for at least 15 minutes before washing off with warm water. Do this at least once a week for a month to see noticeable results in pigmentation removal.
If you have very sensitive skin, it is best to dilute the lemon juice with some water before using it.

• Raw potato
Raw potato is excellent to lighten hyper pigmented skin and any other blemishes or spots on the skin. Potatoes comprise catecholase, which is an enzyme that helps to make the skin tone light.
To use, cut a potato into thin slices and rub it over your skin for at least 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Do this at least 4 to 5 times a day for at least a month to see results.

• Apple cider vinegar
This is one of the excellent home remedies for pigmentation, which can help to get rid of the appearance of dark patches on the skin. It comes with great astringent and skin lightening properties and can help to restore the natural skin colour. Home remedies for pigmentation
To use, mix water and apple cider vinegar. Dab in the mix on the affected parts and rinse off with lukewarm water. Follow the remedy at least twice a day for at least a month for best results.

• Vitamin E
It is often referred to as the skin vitamin and is an excellent remedy for pigmentation removal. It is an antioxidant and helps to neutralize the effects of the harmful UV rays of the sun and helps to repair and protect the skin.
To use, empty the contents of one vitamin E capsule in a bowl and add three to four drops of castor oil to it. Mix well and apply the same on the affected skin. Rinse off with water. Follow the remedy every day for at least a couple of weeks to see results.

• Turmeric
Turmeric comes with excellent bleaching properties that help in pigmentation removal. Also, turmeric helps to keep the skin free of infections.
To use, mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder and lemon juice and apply on the affected areas. Let it sit for some time and then rinse off with cold water. Do this once every day to see noticeable results.

• Aloe Vera
This is one of the great home remedies for pigmentation. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells and encourages the promotion of new skin cells. Home remedies for pigmentation
To use, before going to bed apply some Aloe Vera gel on the hyper pigmented skin and leave it on overnight. Wash off the following morning. Do it daily for at least a month to see positive results.

• Orange peel
Orange peels are rich in citric acid that contains bleaching properties which can help to remove the dark patches on the skin.
To use, mix some lemon juice, honey and milk with dried orange peel powder. Mix all the ingredients well and apply the paste on the face and keep it for at least 20 minutes. Massage gently before washing off with lukewarm water.

• Avocados
Avocados contain vitamin C, fatty acids and oleic acid, which help in pigmentation removal. Also, it contains various enzymes and plenty of vitamin E that can also work wonders to get rid of pigmentation.

Follow these home remedies for pigmentation to get flawless, smooth skin in a short span of time.

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