How to grow thicker eyebrows

Thick eyebrows are in a rage today. Everyone from the red carpet divas to supermodels flaunt thick and dark eyebrows. If you are not the lucky one to own a set of perfectly thick eyebrows, follow the tips to know how to grow thicker eyebrows.

Thick eyebrows are very popular today as they can take many years off from your face. There are various household remedies that can help you to get thicker eyebrow growth. If you have very thin eyebrows then you can solve this problem with the help of few home remedies like:

• Castor oil:
It is one of the best oils to that can act as the best remedy for eyebrow growth. Castor oil contains so many nutrients like proteins, vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids. These nutrients are very good for the hair growth, and they nourish the eyebrow hair to grow faster.

Way to use: to apply this oil you can follow the steps

1. Soak a cotton swab in castor oil

2. Apply the oil to the eyebrows with the cotton swab

3. Massage with your fingertips for at least 2-3 minutes

4. Leave the oil on the brows overnight

5. Wash off with lukewarm water

6. Repeat the process daily till you notice the difference

• Coconut oil:
Coconut oil with all its goodness is good for eyebrow growth. It contains a good amount of vitamin E and other nutrients good for the growth of thick eye eyebrows. This oil also helps to make the eyebrows darker.

Way to use:
1. Take a few drops of the coconut oil on the tip of your fingers

2. Apply the oil to your eyebrows

3. Rub it gently and massage all along the eyebrow line

4. Leave it overnight on the eyebrows

5. Next morning, wash off the oil with lukewarm water

6. Repeat the process daily for months to enjoy thicker and longer eyebrows

• Egg yolk:
Egg yolk is made up of keratin, and it is a good source of all other proteins. The richness of egg yolk can be used to improve the thickness of your eyebrows.

Way to use:
1. Break on egg in such a way that you separate the yolk from the white part

2. Use the egg yolk and beat it to form a thick and creamy consistency mixture

3. Add some oil like olive oil or coconut oi

4. Apply this beaten egg on your eyebrows

5. Leave it applied on the eyebrows overnight

6. Wash off the eyebrows in the morning with lukewarm water

7. Repeat the process two times a week for two months

• Olive oil:
Just like other oils, olive oil is also good for your eyebrows. Olive oil is rich in vitamin-E and hence, it can be trusted as an effective enhancer of eyebrows growth. The oil is also good to make the eyebrow hair darker in hue.

Way to use:
1. Warm and massage the oil on your eyebrows to get it absorbed into the hair roots properly

2. Do this before going to bed and then rinse off in the morning with lukewarm water

• Fenugreek oil:
Fenugreek is good for hair growth. It is rich in nicotine acid and several proteins necessary for hair growth. Both these composites of fenugreek make it a good option to promote the growth of the eyebrows and make them thicker.

Way to use:
1. Soak a teaspoonful of fenugreek seeds in water overnight

2. Grind the seeds in the morning and make a thick paste and add a little amount of coconut oil and almond oil

3. Apply the paste on the eyebrows before going to bed

4. Leave the paste on the eyebrows overnight

5. Wash off with lukewarm

• Onion juice:
Onion juice is very good for the growth of hair including the eyebrow hair. It is a good source of sulphur that is helpful for the production of collagen tissues necessary for a good eyebrow growth. Onion juice also strengthens the hair follicles and make them strong.

Way to use:
1. Take an onion and grind it

2. Extract the juice of onion to massage it into the eyebrows for a God five minutes.

3. Allow it to dry

4. Then wash off with lukewarm water

5. Doing this two times a week is good for your eyebrow growth

All the above-mentioned tips are good for the growth of eyebrows and are also the answer to all the queries on how to grow thicker eyebrows at home.All the home remedies are safe and natural. They are all hassle free and effective methods of getting thick eyebrows naturally.

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