Nowadays the sex life is suffering due to an unhealthy lifestyle and pollution. A good sex life is very important for a good healthy relationship. Today, most of people face the problem due to low sex stamina in their life due to mental and physical stress. But there are various natural methods and drugs that can help in boosting the stamina for sex. There are various foods which can increase the stamina for sex such as watermelon, chili peppers, apples, ginger, wild salmon, etc. when these foods get included in your diet helps in a great deal in increasing your sex stamina.

There are various exercises also which are very helpful in boosting your sex stamina and they are as follows-

  1. Pelvic floor exercise- pelvic muscle is a pubococcygeus muscle is a hammock-shaped muscle that stretches from your pubic bone to your tailbone. It forms your pelvic floor and exists in both men and women and it is the muscle that you can engage when you are peeing to stop that flow of urine. There are exercises which help in strengthening the pelvic muscle, which increases erectile strength, ejaculatory control, and the strength of your orgasms. In pelvic muscle exercise occasionally pause and hold the muscle to give it a wake-up call, this will become easier over time. Start with quick pulses, move up to two-seconds hold, and then after a few days see if you can do ten five seconds holds without much of a break in between.
  2. Pelvic muscle exercise- the preceding exercises are great to get a relationship with your pelvic muscle, but you don’t build a muscle by going to the gym and flexing your arm. Pelvic muscles also need to be challenged to grow. So masturbate to arousal and drape a dry hand towel over your erection with the towel in place, do penis pushups by flexing your Pelvic muscle and lifting the towel. This exercise will definitely bring changes in your stamina in a positive way. You will be able to control your erection and ejaculation.
  3. Doing normal exercise also boost your stamina like running, skipping etc. as cardiovascular health is also very important for good sex stamina.
  4. Medications –There are various drugs which can help you in increasing the stamina for sex. One of the most famous drugs is Viagra which is used for increasing stamina for sex. This drug helps in harder erections, heightened sex drive, increased sex desire and more energy. This drug works by increasing blood flow in your genitals thus keeping the erection for longer time. But before taking any medications, consult your doctor and take the medicine as prescribed by your physicians. Some other drugs are Vardenafil, Sildenafil, and Tadalafil.

There are various Ayurvedic drugs which can help in increasing sex stamina. Ayurvedic medicines don’t have any side effects also, so by consulting the physicians you can take these medicines. But there are various side effects of allopathic medicines which include cardiovascular disorders also. So it’s very important to consult the doctor before taking any type of medicines.

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