Mother’s DayBeing a mother comes naturally to most women. Women are nurturers. They provide for and protect their children most selflessly. A woman’s transformation into a mother when she bears her kids is the most phenomenal one in nature. The freedom-loving, carefree woman gives up everything just for her baby. Being a mother is a conscious decision to let your heart wander outside your bodies, they say. The first person a human being knows is their mother. The beautiful bond mothers have with their babies cannot be defined in words. Every mother sees nothing but her child’s happiness, regardless of the money she has, her health, or any other constraint. She skins her knees and fights the world, only to get up again, brush off all her tiredness to stand up for her children. She bears everything with a smile, if it means happiness of her kids. Mother’s love is unfathomable and honestly, there is no way we can ever repay her.

Right from her prayers, her blessings, her intuition, her instinct to her food, her stern words sometimes, her smile, the way her eyes always finds the beauty in her kids; everything is divine. She is a guardian angel sent from above.

This Mother’s Day, we salute all mothers, single or with a partner, all ethnicity, all strata of the society. We salute all the goodness, kindness, and selflessness that comes along with being a mother!

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(Image Courtesy: National Geographic)

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