Around 40 percent of sexually active women in the age bracket of 18-59 report sexual problems at some point in their lives. Chronic health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary instability etc. have been linked up with impaired sexual functioning. These chronic diseases lead to sexual abnormality, but this behaviour is more prominent in the women infected with STDs. STD term denotes ‘Sexually Transmitted Diseases’ or diseases transmitted through sexual contact with an infected individual. There are various types of STDs but one transmitted via HIV virus is lethal, therefore it is always compulsory to use protection during sex. Females infected with HIV show dramatic changes in their immune-hormonal system, not only their immunity system is at risk but also their hormone system acts abnormal. Such women exhibit sexual dysfunction more commonly, it is because of the imbalances in their sex hormones that include oestrogen and progesterone. In a study conducted by Women’s Interagency HIV Study (WIHS), it was revealed that women living with HIV report greater sexual problems compared with women not infected with HIV. Continue Reading

World Aids day

Risky sexual behavior can land you in dangerous situations, with HIV being the worst! 3 out of 10 people end up with no knowledge of the fact that they are infected, until the symptoms start showing up. These symptoms appear in the form of acute retroviral syndrome (ARS) and are experienced by approximately 80% of people within a month or two of the HIV entering the body. As we approach World Aids day on 1st December, let us pledge to control aids by taking timely measures.

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