Testosterone BoostersTestosterone is a hormone responsible for the male characteristics in a person. It is essential in a male’s body for many normal functions, including growth and development of the genitals, muscles, and bones. It also helps cause normal sexual development in boys. In case of low testosterone levels, a person might experience a few symptoms like sleep disturbances, increased risks of strokes and heart attacks low sexual desire, depression, weight gain tiredness, poor concentration and erectile dysfunction. In such cases boosters are prescribed, to pump up the testosterone levels. A coin has two sides and so do the supplements that are prescribed to increase the level of testosterone in the body. They differ for each person and they are noted to be beneficial to some as well.

Improved sexual desire, function and performance 

One of the most common benefits from using testosterone supplements is having an improved sexual drive and performance. Sexual drive and performance is very important for survival in the social connubial world.

Improved bone density

In some case with really young and older people, it is recommended to use testosterone supplements to improve bone density.

Increased muscle mass and strength

People who want to increase their muscle mass and strength also undertake these supplements to augment their bodies. Essentially gymnasts, body builders and gym enthusiasts’ intake these supplements on a daily basis to increase their resistance.

Decreased body fat

People trying to lose weight or gym enthusiasts trying to burn out the body fat take supplements to help them through. Decreasing body fat is the most difficult task and having testosterone can help increase metabolism.

Better mood and quality of life

People facing depression symptoms also take testosterone supplements to boost their hormones and get noticeable changes in their mood. Being happy and satisfied also is a sign of good quality life. Higher levels of testosterone increase your sense of pride and boost self image.

While testosterone may look like it will make you more of a man, having testosterone supplements to increase the levels, may cause some perilous side effects.

Allergic reaction

While too much of anything is bad, testosterone supplements take on a whole new level. Overdose can cause allergic reactions to your skin. Most common reactions can vary between prolonged erections, loss of appetite, weight gain, rash, chest tightening, memory changes, fatigue, and painful erections. Keep in mind the daily dosages and intake.


While these supplements are taken to boost up the levels, it may happen so, that the body may stop producing testosterone naturally in order to maintain balance. This can lead to infertility; especially if the supplements are taken for longer periods. The best way to avoid this is to take a supplement in regular cycles.

Enlarged Prostate

One of the perilous side effects of having too much testosterone supplements can result in the enlargement of the prostate gland. DHT and estrogen can be increased with higher testosterone levels. It may even cause cancer if not controlled.

Breast enlargement

While many men prefer their wives and girlfriends to have bigger boobs, they wouldn’t want the same to happen to them! Enlargement of breasts is possibly another side effect that occurs from having testosterone boosters.

Playing with the hormones

Testosterone supplements essentially play with your hormone levels. This may result in frequent moodiness and anger. You may feel extremely moody and behave more aggressively. It’s always wise to stick to a proportionate intake of such supplements.

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