Ways to Fight Pregnancy Acne

Pregnancy acne is as common as acne during puberty. Therefore, there is no need to take the stress, especially since it’s not good for your bundle of joy. Learning about a variety of ways to fight pregnancy acne causes can help you enjoy these precious moments of your life.

How to treat pregnancy acne?

With no doubt, pregnancy time is the best time in each woman’s life. However, this special time can easily be ruined by acne breakouts. The skin reacts to the hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman. Age spots can also be seen, but pregnancy acne is a common issue. The increase hormones levels lead to acne-causing secretions specifically cause the production of excess sebum or oil. These hormonal acne can appear anywhere on your body, including face, chest, neck, and the back. Acne appears on the back can be difficult to treat due to its inability to reach out your back to apply products to your skin. As the pregnancy progresses, the problem of acne also progresses. Fortunately, there are ways to effectively treat back acne that utilizes natural remedies and prescription acne treatments.

Ways to Fight Pregnancy Acne

There are a variety of acne treatment options that are safe enough to use during pregnancy. However, it is always best to consult a dermatologist or a health care specialist before using any acne treatment. A pregnant woman should discuss what’s best and what’s safe for her and the unborn child. Self-care

Self-care method

The best and easy way to treat your pregnancy acne is self-caring. A good skin care regime is necessary for maintaining a healthy skin during and before pregnancy. If you are pregnant, then the first thing that you need to get used to it is to wash your face regularly with a mild cleanser and lukewarm water twice daily. You can clean your face in the morning and at evening before going to bed. Consider oil-free, alcohol-free, and non-abrasive products, you need to check out the labels to see all these conditions. Try to choose only mild products instead of irritating skin products as the skin becomes sensitive during pregnancy. After washing your face gently, pat it dry and apply a mild moisturizer which should not have a strong fragrance. Avoid picking, squeezing, as well as scratching the acne as this can worsen the condition, spreading the infection, and can ultimately lead to permanent scarring. Women with oily hair are especially advised to keep their hair off from the face and use shampoo on a daily basis.

Medications for acne cure

Even though your health care provider is unlikely to prescribe harmful medications, some women might be tempted to buy the drugs and apply during pregnancy. Such women are unaware of the fact that these drugs can enter your bloodstream and reach the blood of your fetus. The following drugs can be absorbed into the breast milk and should not be used be used by pregnant women:

  • Retin-A
  • Tretinoin
  • Adapalene
  • Tazarotene
  • Doxycycline
  • Isotretinoin
  • Minocycline
  • Accutane

Make it a rule to not follow any oral acne medicine during pregnancy without having words with your health care provider. Some of them may cause serious harm to your infant in the form of birth defects. Also, any hormone therapy must be avoided while you are pregnant. The hormones that a pregnant woman’s body releases are all required for the growth of your baby as well as to keep you healthy.

You also need to be careful while using topical acne medicines for acne cure during the time of pregnancy. Most of them are sold over to reduce the appearance of acne. However, it is still important to consult the health specialist before applying them. If you like being on the safe side, then use natural acne treatments instead of using medicated topical remedies for acne cure.

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