11 Food Items You Need To Avoid With Diabetes

Following a low-carb diet may help in diabetes prevention; it prevents sugar spikes and dramatically reduces the risk of diabetes-associated complications. To manage diabetes symptoms, foods to avoid with type 2 diabetes include sweetened drinks, pasta, white bread, flavored yoghurt, canned fruit juices, and packaged food items. Good foods for diabetics or people with diabetes include fruits, green leafy vegetables, lean proteins, and foods with less sugar.

Making Informed Choices for Type 2 Diabetes Management 

The number of diabetes patients is dramatically increasing worldwide. Diabetes is a chronic disease that causes higher-than-normal blood sugar levels. Uncontrolled diabetes may give rise to serious health complications, including renal insufficiency, blindness, heart disease, and other problems. Your food choices matter a lot when you have diabetes. You need to plan a special diet different from your pre-diabetic diet with the help of a nutritionist. Eating the wrong foods can spike your blood sugar and increase your risk of health complications. Picking the right foods to eat when you have diabetes can help maintain your blood sugar. If you have diabetes, you are probably told by a healthcare provider to avoid certain food items for diabetes prevention and control.

What are the foods to avoid with high blood sugar? Let’s find out what to put on the menu when planning your Type 2 diabetes diet.

This information guide lists food for diabetics to avoid, along with the best fruits for diabetics.

    1. Sweetened foods and beverages – Food that is made of processed sugar, like candy, desserts, and soda, are the worst food choices for someone with diabetes. These are high in carbohydrates and lack nutritional value, and they can also cause a sharp hike in blood sugar. Besides, they have fructose, which is strongly connected with insulin resistance and diabetes.
    2. Saturated fat – Saturated fat contributes to raising cholesterol, which further increases the risk of stroke and heart attack; hence, it is not considered the right food for diabetics. Eating less saturated fat like butter, cream, tarts, cakes, chocolate, fudge, and toffees can help reduce the risk.
    3. White bread, pasta, and white rice – Eating white bread, pasta, and other refined foods has been shown to cause a significant increase in blood sugar levels.
    4. Salt – The recommended safe salt level in the diet is 6 gm daily. Consuming more than this may contribute to diabetes-associated complications. Reduce your intake of processed food items, such as takeaway meals, as these contain very high salt.
    5. Worst fruits for diabetics – Fruits to avoid in diabetics include banana, jackfruit, mango, sapodilla (chikku), and grapes. These tend to have high sugar levels and low in fibre.
    6. Fried or oily vegetables – Consuming vegetables is not an issue if you cook them correctly. Vegetables for diabetics to avoid are fried in a large amount of oil or butter; it fills the vegetable with saturated fat, making it unhealthy for consumption.
    7. Alcohol – People with diabetes should drink alcohol in moderation. Consuming more than five drinks at one time may be risky for you, especially if you are a diabetes patient. Consider having at least three alcohol-free days in a week.
    8. Dried fruits – Fruits contain vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that support a healthy body. Dried fruit lacks water, leading to a higher concentration of these essential nutrients. Unfortunately, dry fruits also have a more concentrated sugar content. This means that dried fruits contain three times as many carbs as fresh fruits, thus considered the worst fruits for diabetics. Make a smart choice by choosing fruits with low sugar levels to maintain blood sugar.
    9. Fruit juice – Fruit juices are considered healthy beverages, but for diabetes patients, they may bring high blood sugar level as any other sweetened beverage do. High fructose content can worsen insulin resistance, cause a diabetes patient to gain weight as well as increase the risk of heart disease.
    10. Honey or Maple syrup – Many diabetes patients try to minimize their sugar intake by removing white sugar from their dining table and ignoring treats like cakes, candies, and ice creams. However, other forms of sugar may also contribute to high blood sugar levels. These include honey, maple syrup, and brown sugar. They have similar effects on blood sugar levels as white sugar.
    11. Packaged snacks – These are the foods diabetics should avoid. Aside from sugar, packaged snacks like chips, crackers, cookies, snack cakes, and doughnuts contain unhealthy fats that brighten your risk for developing high blood cholesterol and heart disease.

low blood sugar levels chart

Flavoured coffee and yoghurt also contain much more sugar than desserts. They may be low in fat but contain more carbs and sugar, contributing to high blood sugar and insulin levels.

Some people with diabetes can manage their symptoms by replacing these food items with foods that lower blood sugar. When searching for the best foods for diabetics, that will not affect your blood sugar healthy range, look no further than the drawer of your refrigerator for some fresh fruits and leafy greens. Berries, cherries, juicy peaches, avocadoes, and apples are the 5 best fruits for diabetics that help low blood sugar. Moreover, leafy green vegetables are extremely nutritious and low in calories, thus considered the best food for diabetes control. Many people may need diabetes medicines, as well.

Diabetes patients may need medication along with healthy eating and physical activity to control the condition. Most people start their treatment with oral metformin pills, which lower the amount of glucose and help your body utilize insulin better. These glucose-lowering drugs are available in the brand name Janumet 50+50, Glucomet 50 mg, and Glizid 50 mg. All effectively reduce blood glucose levels; you can get them on a doctor’s prescription. Be careful; you might experience a sudden drop in low blood sugar. Low blood sugar causes symptoms that include shaking or trembling, faster heart rate, and extreme hunger.

The Verdict

Knowing which foods to avoid with diabetes is important. Your aim towards achieving low blood sugar levels should include avoiding foods that cause diabetes, such as unhealthy fats, sugary foods, processed grains, and other food items containing refined carbs. Avoid foods that lead to a hike in blood sugar to help keep you healthy and reduce the risk of future complications. Switching to fruits for diabetics can be a healthy way to satisfy your healthy tooth.