5 Foods with Vitamin D to Reduce Asthma Attack Risk

A review of the evidence suggests that taking Vitamin D supplements in addition to asthma medication is effective to reduce the risk of severe asthma attacks.

An independent review by the Cochrane research body of nine clinical trials finds that the consumption of vitamin D reduces the risk of asthma attacks. But some researchers say it is unclear whether it only helps patients who are vitamin D deficient or not. They say more studies are needed in this regard before they are ascertained to include it in their advice. They recommend talking to a GP or pharmacist to get advice before taking a vitamin D supplement for the asthma treatment.

5 Foods with Vitamin D to Reduce Asthma Attack Risk

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The Cochrane review’s lead author, Professor Adrian Martineau, said they found vitamin D “significantly reduced the risk of severe asthma attacks, without causing side effects.”

They found taking vitamin D content is a part of asthma care or asthma management. Those asthma patients who frequently visit hospital can find some relief from regularly taking food products rich in vitamin D. Researchers also found that the rate of asthma attacks needing steroid treatment dropped from 0.44 to 0.28 attacks per person per year.

But they found that vitamin D did not improve lung function or day-to-day asthma symptoms. We suggest you bulk up on these 5 foods to get your required dose of Vitamin D.

  1. Cheese

Cheese is one of the top food products high on Vitamin D. Well, adding an additional slice of cheese to your breakfast would not be such a bad idea after all. Ricotta cheese provides the maximum amount of Vitamin D as compared to other ones.

  1. Mushrooms

Include mushrooms in your diet at least four times a week to increase the level of Vitamin D in your body. In order to reap more benefits, you can sundry them before consumption. Mushrooms can naturally produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Make this food product as a part of asthma cure regime.

  1. Fish

Almost all kinds of fish are high on Vitamin D. Typically oil or fatty acids present in fish contain a good amount of Vitamin D. Salmon, trout, mackerel, and tuna are a good source of vitamin D and they are probably recommended for the overall development of the body.

  1. Egg

The yolk of an egg is a good source of vitamin D so it’s important to use the whole egg instead of just the white part. You can eat eggs regularly to maintain the supply of vitamin D. People taking asthma medicine can also eat eggs because of its nutritional value.

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  1. Soymilk

Soymilk is plant-based milk produced by soaking dry soybeans and grinding them with water. While it contains the same amount of protein as regular cow’s milk, it has plenty of Vitamin D, Vitamin C, iron and other nutrients. Those who take asthma medicine can take soymilk altogether for the well-being of the respiratory system.

Try to increase these Vitamin D rich foods to help asthma management.

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