MetabolismPayback is b**** (karma) and so is your body’s low metabolism rate. Have you been working out like a lunatic and haven’t been seeing good results for it? Now is the time to give a boost to your sad metabolism levels and jerk your way through to increased calorie burning sessions.

Never do the hop and skip with your breakfast

The most important meal of your day cannot be missed at any cost! Have a healthy and satisfying breakfast to avoid starvation which in turn will let your metabolism consume your energy at a slower rate. Your breakfast can consist of egg whites, omelet, oats, cereals or lean meat. Also, keep yourself full, periodically. Crash diets and empty stomach diets are going to destroy the metabolism boosters. Eat right and stay healthy.

Jog like no one is watching

Jogging every morning is a healthy practice. It keeps the mind and body fresh throughout the day. Constantly oscillate your jogging speed in order to burn more calories and make your body work hard. This in turn will help boost your poor metabolism levels. Work out in the cold, it helps to sweat it out in a cold environment.

Climb those stairs and push yourself to the limit

Pushing yourself to the limit is a great way to increase your metabolism. Step up exercises are the best way to ramp up some calorie burning capability. Take the higher intensity exercise and go up that flight of stairs where ever you go and see the change in your metabolism almost instantly!

Keep hydrating yourself

Water is your best friend and a metabolism booster. Dehydration can lead to a slower metabolism process, and hence it is necessary to keep your body full with water.

Coffee, but Black; tea but Green

Black coffee is known to cut down on your food intake. It also helps in boosting your energy levels and concentration. Caffeine makes you feel less tired and increase your endurance levels helping you work out better. Also, Green Tea is a tea that eliminated antioxidants from your body and keeps you fresh and active. 2 to 4 cups a day helps in burning more calories in a day. Green Tea is an essential element in losing belly fat and body weight.

Proteins for life

Increase intake of fish, egg whites, wheat bread, brown rice, essential grains, low-fat dairy, cheese, yogurt, salmon, tofu, and oatmeal. Avoid protein shakes or powders of any kind. They are harmful to health and are full of added sugar which slows down the high metabolism rate.

Be a selfish sleeper

Sleep for a good 8 hours every night and anything less than that can adversely affect your body’s ability to burn calories. Proper complete sleep helps to increase the metabolism process and reduce weight faster.

Up Your Vitamin C ante

Calcium and Vitamin C are essential when it comes to your metabolic rate. Calcium speeds up the metabolism; while vitamin C helps the body, absorb the mineral properly making it a win win situation to be in.

Don’t diet, eat with proper nutrition

Lastly, one thing not to do while trying to increase metabolism is to diet! One of the most common mistakes made by people is to consider dieting and being on an empty stomach to lose weight. Dieting is perilous to your metabolism rate. Having proper, nutritional and timely meals will help lose weight quickly and easily.

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