Benefits of Mint leaves

Mint is also known as mentha and Mint leaves benefits are plenty. It can be included in every day diet for a wide range of health benefits.

Mint, the popular breath and mouth freshener, is an herb that has been used since ancient times for its remarkable medicinal properties. There are plenty of products in the market including chewing gum, inhalers, and fresheners in the market that has mint as their base element. Most of us are familiar with the refreshing properties of mint, but there are more benefits of the herb. Here are some important mint leaves benefits:

Benefits of Mint leaves

Good for digestion
Mint contains plenty of phyto-nutrients and antioxidants that work wonders to help relieve indigestion and other stomach issues. The menthol which is present in the mint helps to promote enzymes that are essential for digestion. Mint helps to soothe the smooth muscles of the stomach and helps reduce chances of spasms. Mint helps to calm down stomach cramps and get rid of flatulence and acidity. Drink a cup of mint tea after every meal for maximum benefits.

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Helps to fight pains and aches
Mint is an important ingredient in several pain balms. This is because on application of mint on any area that is hurting, it offers a cooling effect. Inhaling the fumes of mint extract also helps to soothe the nerves and gives a calming feeling to the body. It helps alleviate pains and aches as well as nausea.

Gives you a glowing skin
Mint is loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are very good for acne-prone skin. It is an important ingredient in several toners, cleansers and other skin care products. Mint also contains salicylic acid that work to get rid of blemishes, pimples and blackheads. Mint contains certain compounds that help to shed dry and dull skin that helps avoid clogging of pores, which leads to pimple free skin.

Get rid of oral infections
Mint contains germicidal qualities that help to enhance oral health by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria inside the mouth and cleaning the teeth and the tongue. The anti-bacterial properties of mint leaves make it excellent to fight any oral infections. It kills bacteria present in the mouth and helps to avoid tooth decay, bad breath and helps keep the teeth and tongue clean naturally. It is one of the crucial mint leaves benefits.

Cough and cold
The strong smell of mint helps to open up the nasal passages and enables relaxed breathing. It is also an effective expectorant and helps in the expulsion of phlegm. Mint also helps to relieve inflammation along the respiratory tract.

Fight cancer
Mint contains powerful phytochemicals that can help prevent several types of cancer.

Depression and stress
Mint is a natural stimulant; the smell is enough to get your mind and body functioning on a high level once again. If you are feeling anxious, sluggish, exhausted or depressed, mint can be a great help. Whether you ingest it, apply topically or inhale it, all of it can give you the much-needed boost.
Mint extracts are used extensively to beat stress and rejuvenate the body and mind. Taking in the fumes of mint helps release serotonin in the brain, which is excellent to find relief from depression.

Enhances immunity
Mint leaves contain nutrients, including phosphorus, calcium, vitamin C, D and E and vitamin B complex. All these compounds work together to improve the immunity of the body and keep it safe from inflammation and infections.
Gets rid of menstrual cramps – Mint leaves help purify the blood and it also has an anti-spasmodic effect on the body, which makes it an excellent remedy for menstrual cramps.

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Weight loss
Apart from all the other mint leaves uses, mint can also help you to lose weight in a healthy manner. Mint is a stimulant and can help to stimulate the digestive enzymes that help turn fat into usable energy. Therefore, when you add mint to your diet, you increase the amount of fat that is being put to use instead of being stored and leading to weight gain.

Seasonal allergies affect millions of people. Mint extracts have been found to arrest the release of histamines, which often lead to severe nasal symptoms when afflicted with allergies.

Regular usage of mint is extremely beneficial for asthma patients as it helps relieve congestion and is a good relaxant. However, using too much mint can irritate the throat and nose.

With so many mint leaves benefits, this herb can be an excellent addition to the everyday diet.

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