Common Breast Cancer Symptoms

Not everyone with breast cancer will have symptoms before they are diagnosed. But according to clinical experts, there are numerous ways in which breast cancer symptoms can come up, and regular screening and check-ups are required to stop the progression of cancer.

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a growth of cells that grow out of control in the breast tissue. According to clinical data, about one in eight women in the USA will develop the condition in her lifetime. It is a second most type of cancer in women after skin cancer. The type of cancer is most commonly reported in women with the age of 55 to 64 years. Breast cancer can also develop in men, but is much less common in men and is account for less than one percent of all breast cancer cases.

Some Breast Cancer signs to be aware off

Many women are diagnosed with abnormal cancer cell growth in breast tissues during a mammogram without exhibiting any symptoms. However, some women experience a lump, persistent pain in one area that doesn’t disappear, thickening of skin around the breast and armpit. It is important for women to know what’s normal for them and what changes in the breast to be aware of. Experts suggest that many women patients experience bone and have weakened bones and fractures if the breast cancer has already spread to other parts of the body.

What else should a woman know about breast cancer?

Skin dimpling is when your breast starts looking like a peeled orange. Keep a look on these changes as it can be an indication of cancer underneath that is pulling the skin in. Nipple discharge is also very uncommon, very few have nipple discharge or blood coming from their nipples, a clinical expert suggests. However, bloody nipples do not necessarily indicate growth of cancer cell it eh breast tissues. It is said that asymmetry and pain are less common signs of breast cancer. Physicians always suggest the importance of routine mammograms, as there are no warning signs.

Redness of the skin and feeling of warmth, both cancer signs are rarely reported by women with breast cancer. Women are advised to consult a healthcare specialist if they have any questions and concerns related to the topic.

What are the treatment options?

Treatment of breast cancer depends on the type of cancer type, position, and the size of cancer. Woman’s age and general health also play a vital role in determining the right treatment. Generally, some type of surgery is recommended followed by additional treatment to stop the growth of cancer in the breast tissues.

Radiotherapy and surgery are considered a local treatment for breast cancer. These treatment options target a localized or a specific area. Chemotherapy and hormone therapy are classified as systematic treatments as they have a great impact on the whole body.

Ways to prevent Breast cancer

A healthy diet and regular physical activity are important for all women as they can help prevent many clinical conditions, including diabetes, heart issues, and certain types of cancer including breast cancer. Many research studies have looked at the connection between breast cancer and diet. These studies also show the benefits for women who maintain a healthy diet and do re exercise. Women who eat low saturated fat foods and avoid alcohol are found to be benefited as compared to those who drink alcohol and eat saturated fats. Regular exercise plays a significant role in reducing your risk of breast cancer.

Furthermore, studies have also been shown that women who breastfeed are less likely to develop breast cancer as compared to those who do not breastfeed. This reason behind it is still not understood, but it is believed that it could be possible because women do not ovulate as regularly while they are breastfeeding and estrogen levels in the body remain stable.

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