Fighting Diabetes With Chocolates, Berries And Wine!

In today’s world, diabetes is everywhere. If studies are to be believed about 24 million Americans suffer from diabetics of which 6 million don’t know it yet. Diabetes further leads to heart diseases and stroke. Maintaining healthy eating habits is very essential if you are looking at controlling your diabetes. Having the right diet makes a huge difference in shaping your health. Being Diabetic comes with many restrictions and curfews, especially on what you can eat. 

On the other hand, there are certain foodstuffs that will help in the preventing or controlling diabetes.

Fighting Diabetes1.Dark chocolate:

This yummy treat is not only great for the taste buds, but it also helps treat diabetes. In a recent experiment, patients with diabetes were asked to consume epicatechin-enriched cocoa or dark chocolate for three months. It was noticed that their condition significantly improved in that time period. People suffering from diabetes often complain of shortness of breath, lack of energy and walking difficulties. Dark chocolate helps cope with that better. Who said desserts were bad for you?

2.Red wine:

It contains a high concentration of flavonoids that are the plant compounds known to lower insulin resistance. If nothing, it is always relaxing to sip on some red wine.


A study recently showed that a portion of berries taken daily can help you not only control blood sugar levels, but also keep the possibility of a heart attack at bay. Berries too are a high source of flavonoids.


Tea, especially green tea is also known to reduce the risk of diabetes. It is believed that tea contains polyphenols in particular a catechins that goes by the name EGCG. This compound mimics the effects of insulin, hence increasing the body’s ability to metabolize glucose. The blood sugar levels is also kept from soaring too high. Moreover, Green tea boosts fat metabolism which in turn can prevent obesity and diabetes.

These foodstuffs are just a supplement for your everyday diet. Eating healthy and exercising is very important. Also, there are numerous medicines available at your disposal for diabetes. You can buy it online or ask your nearby chemist, but make sure you have the right medicines and take it properly.


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