Foods to avoid in pregnancy

In pregnancy, whatever you eat leaves a direct effect on your unborn baby. It’s very important for the ladies to know what kind of foods to avoid in pregnancy and what food items to eat to ensure the well-being of the baby.

Who would not like to give birth a healthy baby, but unfortunately it is not the case as always. There are several reasons for the birth of an unhealthy and immature baby; the bad food habit is one of them. As a concerned parent, you must know what kind of foods to avoid in pregnancy, what are the right combinations food and beverage, and what are the right quantities to consume. The intake of a well-balanced diet gives every opportunity to the unborn baby to develop and groom perfectly. Pregnant women have to keep in mind the calories, nutritional factors and side-effects of the food items.

foods to avoid in pregnancy

There is a long list of foods to avoid in pregnancy. Some of them are described here.

Fete cheese:
Food connoisseurs love to eat different forms of cheese, but pregnant women should keep themselves away from it. Mold-ripened soft cheese like brie and camembert as well as soft and unpasteurized cheese could cause food-borne illness, so they are not safe for the unborn baby. The cheese infected with listeriosis can increase the risk of miscarriage, severe illness, unhealthy baby and premature labor pain. Even though if your want to eat cheese, then mozzarella cheese is comparatively safer to opt.

Caffeinated coffee/tea/chocolate:
The high levels of caffeine found in coffee, tea or chocolate must be avoided in pregnancy as it can lower the weight and affect the health of the unborn baby. Excess consumption of caffeine could be a cause of miscarriage too. Moreover, this element can affect the baby’s heart rate, not a good sign for her health. Caffeine in the form of soft drink and energy drink is also harmful. Consult your doctor or midwife who can tell you what foods to avoid while pregnant that contain abundant caffeine. As a standard, many doctors recommend not to consume more than 200 milligrams of caffeine a day during pregnancy.

Deli meat and raw meat:
A variety of deli meats are a genuine staple lunch item in many households. Both children and adult love them to eat, but a pregnant woman is advised to avoid or limit the consumption of deli meat for safety purpose. Deli meats are known to cause listeriosis (a food-borne disease) and posing flu-like symptoms. Similarly, raw meat in any form may contain bacteria, salmonella and toxoplasmosis – all of them are harmful to the health of the unborn babies. Since pregnant women are more susceptible to et infected, any processed deli slices of meats and uncooked raw meats should be strictly prohibited.

Uncooked Eggs:
The uncooked eggs are known for posing salmonella poisoning that has various side effects on the baby in the womb. These side effects on the pregnant women can lead diarrhea, early labor, and vomiting, so they are advised not to eat uncooked eggs and its related foods to be avoided in early pregnancy or late pregnancy. On the other hand, cooked eggs are a very good source of minerals, vitamins and protein. Pregnant women can freely eat the properly cooked eggs and make sure that the egg whites and egg yolk are solid enough.

Avoid fish:
Eating fish is very good for the overall physical development, but in pregnancy you have to be wary of the types of fish and their quantities. Shark, king mackerel, swordfish or marlin have to be avoided for the well being of the unborn baby. Moreover, more than two times of oily fish a week is not a good sign as fish like trout, herring, salmon and mackerel contain some sort of pollutants (polychlorinated biphenyls and dioxins) that could harm the baby. Therefore, try any such fish foods to avoid in pregnancy. And you can compensate the deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids after giving birth.

Beverages to avoid in pregnancy:
The consumption of unpasteurized milk, sweetened soft drinks, alcohol, and coke has to be strictly avoided to disallow any harm to the unborn baby. Whereas, fruit juice and all types of yogurts, pasteurized or ultra-heat treated milk is fine. Alcohol is the most dangerous for both pregnant woman and her baby; in many cases, alcoholic mothers fail to deliver a healthy and unharmed baby. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2010) reveals that drinking artificially sweetened soft drinks during pregnancy may increase the risk of preterm delivery, so such drinks should be avoided sternly.

No matter how big gourmet you are and you may have been tested some food items before pregnancy, but now as a pregnant woman you cannot think about your health only. As a concerned mother, it’s your responsibility what to take and what foods to avoid while pregnant to ensure a healthy future of your baby. Take the help of dietary experts if necessary.

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