Home remedies for asthma

Here’s everything you need to know about natural asthma treatments at home, including the ones doctors say may help with asthma symptoms.

Everything You Need to Know About Natural Asthma Treatments at Home

In the United States, more than 17 million people suffer from respiratory disease, and it has become one of the leading causes of several chronic illnesses in children. An asthma patient finds it very hard to inhale and thus feels suffocated and congested inside. It affects every age group – from 1-year-old babies to octogenarians, they can have asthma. Allopathic and natural remedies for asthma are there to take up, but you must be careful how and what to consume.

Medically, in asthma, your airways become swollen, and bronchial tubes get tightened, which causes the barrier to airflow.

Causes of asthma:
Some common causes for generating asthma include:

 Environmental factors, like toxic smoke or air pollution
 Genetics
 Premature birth
 Allergies
 Airways infection
 Excess of physical exercise
 Smoke and tobacco
 Obesity
 Stress, tension, and depression
 Lung infection during childhood
 Heartburn

Symptoms of asthma:

The signs and symptoms of asthma indicate its presence. These asthma symptoms are:

 Shortness of breathing
 A wheezing or whistling sound while breathing
 Frequent cold and cough
 Chest pain or congested chest
 Tiredness in mild physical work
 Uneasiness in sleeping

Beyond medicinal treatment

If you have chronic asthma, you know how important it is to take your medication as your health care professional prescribes. Medical management of asthma can help provide short-term as well as long-term relief. Your healthcare provider will help you create a plan for taking long-term control asthma tablets and inhaled asthma medications to relieve symptoms of a sudden asthma attack.

You and your health care provider will help decide the best medicine for asthma and allergies per your requirements and preferences. But managing asthma isn’t about taking medicines. You can do several other things to help you breathe as freely as possible.

Here are some home remedies for asthma cure you can follow at home

    1. Acupuncture:
      This traditional asthma treatment involves inserting thin needles into specific points on the body. Some people with asthma believe acupuncture eases their symptoms, but there’s little evidence that it works as an asthma treatment.
    1. Drink up an expresso
      Call for a rescue inhaler while coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing; you might consider a caffeinated drink if your symptoms are mild. Caffeine is a bronchodilator, which helps to open your airways a bit. So, a cup of coffee can be your natural asthma inhaler that helps you provide relief from your mild asthma symptoms. However, more research studies are required, but some studies suggest it may help your lungs work better for up to four hours.
    1. Use an air conditioner for clean air
      You inhale clean and hazard-free air, which is the most important thing to avoid the symptoms of respiratory problems. Probably it’s difficult to find clean air outside in the urban area, but you must ensure there is less or no pollution inside the residents. If possible, use an air conditioner, exhaust, or air filter to reduce the dust mites and pollen in the air and maintain ideal humidity in the room.
    1. Keep pets away
      Your pet dander could cause shortness of breath or spread the flu. Don’t let your cat or dog enter your bedroom, and avoid breath exchange with them. Clean your pet animals regularly and properly dispose of their excreta and fur.
    1. Ginger and clove
      When it comes to natural remedies for asthma, you cannot forget to include ginger, which can mitigate inflammation and clean airways. You can make a mixed juice of ginger, honey, and pomegranate and then take it 2-3 times daily for good results. Add cloves to your asthma plan. Boil some 5-6 cloves in a half glass of water and mix a small quantity of honey. Take it like soup at least once in a day. Combining ginger and clove is considered the best medicine for asthma and cough.
    1. Eucalyptus Oil
      The medical properties found in the eucalyptus oil are very effective in opening up bronchitis airways. You can spread some drops of this oil on your bed sheet and handkerchief, so you inhale its fragrance most of the time. The eucalyptus oil can significantly reduce the risk of asthma if taken regularly.
    2. Honey to relax airways
      Another home remedy for asthma, honey is potent with natural properties that can clean and smooth the airways. Included among the most powerful natural treatments for asthma, honey mixed with hot water gives a much-needed antioxidant solution to the airways. You can also take it with half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder before sleeping.
    1. Healthy foods
      Fight asthma with healthy and prescribed food items. Apart from garlic and chilli peppers, the intake of food items rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like fish, nuts, almonds, caraway seeds, and dry fruits, can help clear the respiratory passage.
    2. Other home remedies for asthma:
      There are some other home solutions that you can try to reduce the risks of asthma, and they are as follows.
       Regular physical workout, morning walk
       Quit smoking
       Intake of vitamin-C-containing foods and figs
       Black tea/coffee
       Clean mould spores in the rooms
       Avoid chemical hazards
       Discourage obesity
       Live a relaxed and stress-free life
       Inhale vapour of peppermint extract


      At a time when pollution levels in the environment are increasing year after year, the number of asthma patients is also soaring. A chronic inflammatory disease ‘Asthma’ directly affects the smooth passage of air through the internal airways connecting the nasal area and mouth to the lungs.

      The home remedies for asthma help to keep this disease under check. Prescribed asthma medication paired with diet and self-care strategies may help ease severe or sudden asthma attack symptoms. People from all age groups are advised to incorporate such natural remedies in their routine for the most effective results.

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