How Does Retin A Work? And How Does Retin A Help Your Skin?

What is Retin A? How does Retin A work? 

These are some common questions people usually ask when they experience skin issues like acne. Retin is a valuable medication in treating mild, moderate, and severe acne that can be used topically or systemically. The exact mechanism of action by topical tretinoin functions is still unknown, but current evidence suggests it works by blocking inflammatory mediators. 

What does Retin do for your skin? 

Retin A is a topical medicine applied on facial skin at the affected area. Tretinoin (contains Retin A) is a derivative in the retinoids class of medications for treating acne vulgaris. The skincare ingredient works at the cellular level and takes several months to see the full effects. Retin A can be thought of as an effective agent for reversing the signs of aging on the skin in many ways. 

About Tretinoin

Tretinoin is a generic name for a medication derivative of vitamin A (retinol). It can be given topically for a wide range of indications. These include:

    • Topical application for treatment of acne vulgaris
    • Treatment of photoaging
    • Facial skin roughness
    • Fine facial wrinkles
    • Facial mottled hyperpigmentation

Retin A for Acne

There are several approaches to control acne. Some products contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, which open clogged pores. However, topical or oral antibiotics combined with pore cleansers are used to control acne in more severe cases. Tretinoin preparation works differently. The topical cream contains retinoids which are derivatives of vitamin A and are considered extremely effective in treating blackheads and whiteheads. Its regular applications promote the production of new skin cells and eliminate dead skin cells, unclogging the blocked pores.

Tretinoin medication is marketed under the brand name Retino A cream, known as one of the best-selling retinoid formulations worldwide. The product supplies in the form of both cream and gels. It is believed that Tretinoin creams are less potent than gels. Irritation may occur; therefore, precautions must be taken when starting the treatment. The use of Tretinoin also increases the risk of sunburn; avoid exposure to sunlight when applying Retino A cream. To save money, buy retin a cream online at the lowest price.   

Retin A acne treatment should be kept away from the eyes, nose, mouth, and mucous membranes. Topical use may induce severe local erythema peeling at the site of infection. 

How Does Retin A Work 2

Retin A for Wrinkles

 You have probably heard of retinoids, the skincare ingredients that every Tretinoin preparation has and promises to reduce wrinkles, unclog pores, clear up acne, and even out skin tone. Dermatologists swear by its beneficial effects on all skin types, and clinical studies support its wide aging abilities in restoring skin health.  

Retinoids are a group of compounds that have the effects of powerful antioxidant vitamin A in the body. Once applied, the body metabolizes vitamin A, increases cell turnover, eliminates dead skin cells, and leaves smoother even-toned skin. By boosting collagen production, they reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The benefits do not stop here; applying Tretinoin helps stimulate the production of new blood vessels in the skin, which improves the skin’s complexion. Fading age spots and softening rough patches of skin are the additional benefits of this skincare ingredient. One needs to apply it daily for three to six months before improvements in wrinkles are visible. One would see the best results within six to twelve months.  

Usage instruction for Retin A

 Besides the right formulation to fight acne and wrinkles, a smart application regimen is key to optimizing results and minimizing associated dryness and irritation. Without that external layer of dead skin, your newly exposed healthy skin cells may be unprotected from harmful rays of the sun. So, it is best to apply Retin A at night. Make sure you apply an additional layer of broad-spectrum sunblock to protect your new skin cells from sunburn. Gradually intensify the topical treatment. With appropriate use, one will handle higher concentrations more quickly. 


What is Retin A? Besides clearing acne, Retin A can do wonders for your skin. In addition to clearing acne, dermatologists also noticed that their patient’s skin looked brighter, smoother, and less wrinkled. This led to the Tretinoin formulation being studied and used as an antiaging treatment. For aging skin, dermatologists like to prescribe Tretinoin (Retin A) which is more potent than any other over the counter formulation. It has a stronger capability of preventing the breakdown of collagen. For more information on Retin A benefits, please discuss with your dermatologist.