Listen to your body’s signals

The advent of Internet has opened up bigger opportunities and possibilities for people and this holds true even for illnesses and their counteracting medicines. There is an alarming rate of people who are bending more towards finding medicines online through their computers rather than visiting a professional doctor.

According to the survey recently conducted, almost 35% Americans self-diagnose their medical issues and search for solutions on the Internet. Here, six common symptoms have been highlighted with tips on how to address them.

Excessive headache Excessive headache

Causes: The best way to relieve this nagging pain would be to go for a walk. It has been observed that exercise helps in increasing oxygen flow through the blood. Inactivity can cause less oxygen to reach the brain leading to headaches.

Solutions: A 10-minutes walk with 3 minutes brisk walk and one minute strolling alternately can help in increasing blood flow to the brain as well as help in raising heart beat. Consult a doctor if the pain lasts more than a day or two as it might be migraine headache for which the doctor might give you pills. In case of severe pain, take anti-migraine medication from the doctor.

Dry cough without cold

Causes: Dry cough is a sign of acid reflux if it it lasts more than eight weeks. Acid reflux is caused when the stomach acids splash back into the esophagus and irritate the throat.

Solutions: Sugar-free gum is known to increase the production of saliva that in turn neutralize the acid. Instead of having heavy meals at once, have small meals that would be light on the stomach.

Eating mints every hour to hide bad breath

Cause: Allergy could be the reason. Nasal drip caused by some allergies is considered to be a factor for bad breath.

Solutions: Use a soft-bristled toothbrush for brushing teeth and tongue. Some toothpastes containing sodium lauryl sulphate can cause drying which can cause bad breath so avoid it. Go to an allergist and get tested. Also ensure that the allergy products or medicines are prescribed by the doctor.

Nails are brittle

Causes: A sheer deficiency of iron can be detected when one has brittle nails, have cold hands and feet and experience fatigue.

Solutions: Go to a doctor and check iron levels through a blood test. Low levels of iron can be increased by taking supplements. Eat iron-rich foods such as spinach and artichokes with foods containing vitamin C as they absorb iron. We at AllDayChemist offer various vitamin supplements to increase the iron levels.

Cramps on foot when in bed

Causes: This is a sign of dehydration. The electrolyte balance can get disturbed considerably even due to mild dehydration. This is also caused due to the depletion of minerals in the muscles.

Solutions: Point and flex is the exercise that can loosen muscles and ward off cramps. Instead of fretting towards drinking eight glasses per day, drink enough to let your urine be light yellow or clear. Everything containing water counts including coffee, tea and fruits. In case a hot bath also doesn’t make the cramps go away, consult a doctor and check potassium and magnesium levels. Foot massage can work as well to relieve tension.

White flakes on shoulders

Causes: This can be due to slow production of thyroid hormones by thyroid gland. This condition is known as hypothyroidism which slows the body functions along with production of oil. This leads to dry skin on the scalp and disrupts pH balance. This also causes increase in yeast growth and thus dandruff.

Solutions: Wash hair everyday to clean the dirt from the scalp. Go to a physician to check the levels of thyroid-stimulating hormones if there is an increase in weight and yet the person is feeling fatigued. Treating hypothyroidism is possible through proper prescribed medicines which one can find easily at the online pharmacy store, AllDayChemist.

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