Myths of Skin Mask Debunked

Facial masks are one of the most common forms of skin care products since ancient times. Roman women made their skin masks with sheep oils, but the smell was horrible. Egyptian and Greek women were convinced that clay mask was beneficial. Because women have been using facial masks for thousands of years, but that doesn’t mean these are essential for beautiful skin.

Recently, we all have been hearing a lot of myths surrounding facial masks. A lot of people believe some of these myths. Is mask essential thing for our skin? Here are a few much talked about myths that we need to look out for:

Myths of Skin Mask Debunked

Myth 1- Masks Are To Purify The Skin

When you think about purifying your skin, it doesn’t need purifying. Yes, clogging of skin pores can happen, but that’s a different issue. Environmental pollutants can sit on the top layer of your skin, but won’t be able to penetrate the skin as the molecules are too big. If we talk about alcohol, drugs, and other chemical contaminants; they are ingested and eliminated from the body via the kidney and liver and not the skin. So, there is no need to purify the skin; it is just a marketing concept to promote a purifying skin mask.

Myth 2- Masks Can Open Clogged Pores

This is true. If you apply a clay mask after exfoliating your skin first, it can soften the dead skin cells and make them easier to remove. A peel-off mask can also help to unclog pores and eliminate dead skin cells as you peel off the mask.

Myth 3- Skin Mask Hydrate Your Skin

You have probably heard a lot about drinking at least eight glasses of water to hydrate your skin from inside. But have you ever think hydration happens from outside also? Yes, it’s true! People who live in the desert, fly a lot, or works in an air conditioning can tell you that the humid atmosphere can make a huge difference. In this condition, a moisturizing skin care product can help, what you all need to do is apply a moisturizing mask and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. This will help hydrate your skin.

Myth 4- Masks Provide Nourishment to the Skin

This is true that our skin can absorb essential minerals, vitamins, lipids, hydration, etc. from external sources like ski masks and other cosmetics. A skin care product like a facial mask can boost our skin and give a fresh glow to our skin. But then the best and most stable nourishment and hydration can be attained through our bloodstream through a good circulation.

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Myth5- A mask should dry on the skin

A face mask does not need to dry down to do its job, and gel face mask does not, but stay moist to provide your skin with its benefits. Gel masks are highly nourishing to the skin, and they won’t give that tight feeling after removing which is particularly important for dry and sensitive skin people. If you use clay or sheet masks that dry your skin, then don’t let it stay on your face for too long. Remove them before they fully dried out to restore the moisture that these masks actually gets pulled out of the skin.

Now let’s examine some of the beneficial skin care products like face masks and their power:

  • Clay-Based Masks- A clay mask can be a better option for those with oily or combination skin. Once you apply a mask, allow them to dry hard so that it pulls out the excess oil in the surface. Rinse it off after the mask is completely dry and apply moisturizer to rehydrate the skin. The mask can help stimulate the skin and encourage the excess oil to come to the surface
  • Peel Off Masks-You can call it a quick fix mask that can help to hydrate the skin from the outside. It is suitable for all skin types and is entirely safe to use as often as you like.
  • Moisturizing Mask-The kind of mask is relaxing, and you can use it while taking a bath. The majority of them are cream based to hydrate and boost moisture levels in the skin. You need a small amount to notice the difference. It works best on dehydrated skin. In case of extreme dryness, you can use it a few times a week to maintain the moisture balance.
  • Gel Masks-These can also be called as sheet masks. There are considered suitable for dull skin that needs a boost to look fresh and hydrated. It is ideal for all skin types and is even safe for those with sensitive skin. There are a wide variety of gel masks that caters to your skin and are incredibly useful and gentle on the surface.

General Skin Care Tips

Face masks are a great way to keep the skin healthy. You can cleanse and moisturize your skin with these masks and give a boost to you every week. To achieve maximum benefits from a mask, exfoliate your skin before you use a mask. Applying on a layer of dead skin cells will make a maskless effective. Along with the use of face masks, you can also apply tretinoin gel 0.1 at night to get clear skin. Choose the best skin care products to get healthy and glowing skin.

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