Natural methods to get rid of dry skin

It’s the nature of our skin that it gets dried if exposed to the cool environment while moist surfaces in the hot and humid atmosphere. Both the conditions are not desired but practically it takes more efforts to get rid of dry skin.

how to get rid of dry skin

In the winter especially, small flakes and dry patches are visible on the face and other body parts if you leave them untreated. It’s better to know how to care for dry skin on face naturally because the application of chemical products is not supposed to be a very good solution, after all you have to care your sensitive skin. Those who have dry and scaly skin are recommended to use over-the-counter creams that contain lactic acid and other chemical components. Though such components can show some good results in a few days, but chemicals are always harmful to the skin, and they can absorb its natural beauty if applied for a long time. In this regard, natural or home solutions are the most effective and most recommended.

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Natural treatments for dry skin:

Here is a list of some popular home treatments for dry skin in winter or any other seasons.

• Olive Oil A natural moisturizer Olive Oil has strong antioxidant attributes that soften skin without rendering any side-effects. Moreover, its healing and regenerative quality keep your skin fresh with a natural shine. The best application of olive oil is pre-bath massage and after-scrub. Let your skin absorb olive oil in the sunlight for a few minutes and then wash it softly. After that, apply lighter moisturizer and you’ll feel the softness of skin.

• Milk Cream Dermatologists and beauty experts recommend that lactic acid is good for moistening dry skin on the face. We don’t have to search it in the chemical products when milk, a great source of lactic acid, is easily available. The fat found in the milk can exfoliate dry skin and it also helps preserve the pH levels of the skin layer.

To get better results, you can mix some drops of lemon juice and milk cream, then apply it on your skin and let it remain for a few minutes before washing with the lukewarm water. You can also try milk, cream mixed with gram flour; it becomes a facial exfoliant. The anti-inflammatory properties of milk, cream are also helpful in getting rid of itch-scratch and dry flakes.

• Application of honey Honey is a highly beneficial natural moisturizer that comprises humectants, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It protects skin from winter flake and delicately restores moisture levels. Also, there are several vitamins and minerals available in the honey to assist getting rid of dry skin on face and bringing its natural glow.

• Eat right The intake of food items rich in fatty acids offers magical effects to the skin. For healthy skin, it is necessary to eat at least 100 milligrams of B-complex vitamin that compensates some important acids like pantothenic, thiamin and riboflavin, and 15 milligrams of zinc and equal amount of beta-carotene are required for the good development and maintenance of body skin. Besides that, add vitamin A, C, E, B6, folate and minerals to your diet for the overall development of the body. You should emphasize more on strawberries, pomegranates, tomato, oatmeal, orange, spinach, soy, pumpkin, carrot, fish, yogurt, canola oil, etc. to keep your skin soft and clean.

• Emphasize on water Don’t reduce the amount of water even in a cool atmosphere. Water is the cheapest but the most effective component to keep your body and skin clean and fresh. Since more than two-third of our body is made up of water, we have to drink an adequate amount of water to hydrate cells that ultimately hydrate entire skin. You can take water in different forms as lemon water, liquid milk product, fruit juice, coconut water, etc. Water is necessary to compensate as it gets lost through sweating, urine, and internal biochemical processes.

• Apply Yogurt The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of yogurt can significantly help soothe itchy skin. This natural skin-hydrating agent effectively eliminates any germs or bacteria that cause dry flake on the face. You can apply yogurt on whole body skin and then wait for 10-15 minutes before the shower. One more method to apply yogurt– mix it with mashed papaya and some drops of lemon juice. It will show a better result on the skin.

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Dry skin is not a grave problem, it naturally happens with the change of seasons, and it surfaces more in winter. It’s fairly treatable at home, but, you have to understand how to get rid of dry skin through natural means. You can also try over-the-counter herbal products to remove dry skin on the face and other parts. So why must you go for chemicals when effective and affordable beauty products are easily available.

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