Quick Remedies to Make Scalp Hair Grow Back Naturally

Pattern baldness or hair loss can make a different impression of your personality and its emotional impact is very high. Hair loss has become a common problem and many people experience it even during the early ages. It is not that people are ignorant about the hair growth products but the question is how effective and quick remedies there are to make scalp grow back naturally.

Hair fall is a widespread problem:

Baldness is a condition that can make embarrass anyone. Generally, people experience hair loss during and after their 40s but its occurrence in early age is not a good sign. There are various factors like poor diet, heredity, pollution, hormonal imbalance, chemical keratin and lack of nutrition encouraging hair loss. We lose hair when our skin cells are damaged and unable to produce the chemical keratin. The high demand for hair loss treatment worldwide shows how serious this problem is.

There are some natural remedies to help you prevent hair loss. You can try these home solutions to make scalp hair grow back naturally.

Use Amla:

Amla is an all-time superfood for hair growth because of its miraculous properties. It contains plenty of antioxidants and vitamin C that are very helpful in strengthening hair. Vitamin C available in Amla can build collagen that plays a vital role in hair growth and maintains natural healthy hair. If you are looking for natural hair loss prevention, you can use it regularly.

Onion Juice:

You may hate the smell of onion but cannot disown its effectiveness in hair growth. Onion can suitably be used to deal with hair fall issues. It contains sulphur that works wonderfully to promote hair growth. You just have to extract onion juice and apply it on the hair and scalp. One can use this natural product twice a week for 2-3 months to grow healthy hair. This hair fall treatment is easily available everywhere and does not cost much.

Green Tea:

You have to take green tea regularly if you are looking to grow your hair naturally. This natural product can lower the levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. DHT is largely responsible for hair loss, and green tea can minimize its levels. As a hair growth product, you can take tea at least once a day.

Increase in protein consumption:

You have to consume protein as much as possible to take care of your hair. Protein has a good amount of biotin that proves to be a great promotional agent for the skin cells and hair strands. You can consume food products like butter, pulse, cereals, eggs and nut to increase the supply of protein.

Coconut oil and curry leaves:

Coconut oil is rich in some powerful nutrients including vitamins (beta-carotene), nicotinic acid, and protein, iron and phosphorous that work together to strengthen hair follicles and re-grow hair. It is an effective remedy for the hair loss preventions. Similarly, curry leaves can help you improve follicles by removing dead skin and dirt from the scalp. You can use a mix of coconut oil and a paste of curry leaves to prevent hair fall. Keep this solution for at least 30 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

Olive oil:

Olive oil provides a good hair fall treatment and helps you grow hair naturally. It can flush dead skin cells and pollutants that can help hair follicles to strengthen. You can regularly use this natural product to unclog skin pores. Take a few drops of olive oil and massage your scalp to prevent the excess of hair fall.

Drink plenty of water:

Water is a panacea for many health problems and its effect on your hair is tremendous. You have to drink plenty of water to keep the scalp moisturized. In many cases, hair fall occurs due to the dry scalp. Look at water as a solution for hair loss prevention. On an average, 6 to 8 glasses of water is recommended to drink every day to take care of hair follicles.

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