Satisfying a Woman

Sexual satisfaction of a woman is important to win her heart, and it helps to bring happiness to the family as well. When it comes to satisfying a woman in bed, men should understand that it is not a rapid-fire game but devote sufficient time to impress her. Sex experts suggest some steps that a man can consider to make her woman feel good and feel content with the sexual activity.

Invest time in foreplay:

Many men question over foreplay when they can quickly generate orgasm and reach the climax. On the other hand, women do not like to finish it in a hurry rather want to enjoy foreplay before ejaculation. Women wish to take part in foreplay that can gradually provoke sexual excitement and make a perfect mood for intercourse. Foreplay is an important aspect of sex and it is helpful to make a happy ending. Therefore, a man should do this job seriously and concentrate on foreplay to satisfy a woman.

Try romantic sex positions:

Your sex position can make a difference in reaching a satisfactory orgasm. Intercourse has to happen at the end but how you make it happen and which body position you try are equally important to make your journey exciting. Women like to try different Kama Sutra positions that both the partners can perform comfortably and it gives a way to satisfying a woman in the bed. Some most used positions like bed fort bondage, couch rocker, deep plunge, deep dog etc. can ignite your sex drive to achieve a satisfactory climax.

Love making with clitoris treatment:

Men should know the location of the clitoris and learn how to treat it in order to spark the sex heat. If you want to please your woman in bed, you should know where to focus your attention more and clitoris stimulation is must to get a satisfactory climax. A woman likes to see how her man uses his fingers and tongue for clitoris stimulation that helps in building up of sensation for smooth penetration.

Compliment her body curves:

The appreciation of her body curves can make your woman feel more confident in bed. Women with bad body shapes often hesitate to expose themselves in front of men and they feel the lack of sex appeal. Men should not put a pressure on body perfect but encourage them to enjoy their sexuality without any hesitation. Such appreciation helps in satisfying a woman and remaining dedicated to orgasm.

Women want to make it long lasting:

An immature ejaculation is a nightmare for both man and woman, and they find it very annoying situation. Women love long lasting sex session that can distress them physically and mentally. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction, having small size penis or lacking strong sex drive find it hard to last long in order to meet the expectations of a woman, so they should diagnose such a problem to save the sex life.

Know where to kiss:

A passionate kiss is the fundamental act of lovemaking, you should know where and how intimate it has to be for the spontaneous eruption of passion. Let your lips and tongue do the act for orgasm. Women love passionate kisses and men should know where is the bottom line. You can vary your kissing style and then finally reach the V zone for satisfying a woman in bed.

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