Signs Of Cancer : Are you At Risk?

World Cancer Day is celebrated on 4th February every year. This day is dedicated to spread knowledge about cancer and eliminate the misconceptions about this disease. This can help not only to raise awareness about the disease but also encourage its prevention, detection and treatment. Its prime goal is to decrease the death rate and illnesses caused due to cancer. Many people are not aware of the different signs and symptoms caused by cancer. Let’s check out the different types of cancer and the various signs and symptoms they cause.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is known to be the deadliest group of diseases that can show almost any sign or symptom. The signs and symptoms depend on the different types of the cancer. As the cancer spreads, the symptoms start appearing in the other parts of the body.

When the cancer cells grow, they start pushing themselves on the nearby organs, blood vessels and nerves. A cancer may cause many symptoms including fever, extreme tiredness or weight loss. This may be caused when the cancer cells have used up the body’s energy supply. In turn, this may affect the immune system of the body.

Signs Of CancerHow to determine signs and symptoms of cancer?

It becomes easier to treat cancer if its symptoms are seen at an early stage. This reduces the probability of the disease to spread to other parts of the body. There are various types of cancer treatments available these days that may include removing the tumor with surgery. So, it is essential to have periodic check-ups that can determine which help in detecting cancer at its early stage.

General signs and symptoms of Cancer

Unexplained weight loss

It has been observed that most cancer patients lose weight at some point of time. The reason for this unexplained weight loss is not yet found. Some people experience weight loss of about 10 pounds that may be the first sign of cancer. These symptoms are experienced in cancers of the pancreas, stomach, esophagus or lungs.

Fever and Fatigue

Fever is the most common cancer symptoms. Fever is a symptom experienced when the cancer cells spread to other organs. Due to this, the immune system of the body gets affected. In certain blood cancers like lymphoma or leukemia, people may experience fever as an early sign of cancer. Extreme tiredness or fatigue is also a symptom experienced when the cancer cells start growing. There are a few colon or stomach cancers that cause blood loss. This may lead to fatigue.


Pain is also an early symptom experienced in some cancers like testicular or bone cancers. Some people also get throbbing headaches that may be a symptom of a brain tumor. Some cancers of the colon, rectum or ovary, can also cause severe back pain.

Cancer is known to be the most fatal disease. However, if the symptoms can be found at an early stage, it is curable. There are many cancer treatments available for people that also includes having prescribed medicines and drugs. A reputed online pharmacy, AllDayChemist is known for offering a wide range of good quality medicines and drugs can be found which can help in reducing the cancer symptoms.

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