Top 5 Skin Care Mistakes To Be Avoided

Daily health and skin care habits can make or break the appearance of your face. Small skin care mistakes can add up to a lot of damage and cause premature aging. Here are five of the most common skin care blunders, and know how to fix them.

common skin care problems1. Using harsh scrubs

It is important to exfoliate the skin a couple of times a week, but scrubbing and scratching the face with harsh facial scrubs can cause severe damage. This can lead to irritation and small cuts in the skin causing acne. It is advisable to use exfoliants with gentle beads that do not agitate the skin.

2. Washing face before shampooing

Many conditioners contain pore-clogging isopropyl myristate or coconut oil, which can cause acne. So, it is important to clean the face after rinsing out the hair products and conditioner.

3. Not getting enough of sleep and water

Lack of sleep and water can cause ill-effects on the health of your skin. Stay fresh-faced by drinking lots of water and aiming for 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

4. Wearing makeup in the gym

Makeup formulas can clog skin pores and cause acne. So, ensure to remove makeup before hitting the gym. If really needed, wear a very basic tinted moisturizer, but make sure it is oil free.

5. Skipping daily sunscreen

Do not miss the use of an SPF on a daily basis, as it protects the skin against sunburns and skin cancer. Use an oil-free formula that shields the skin against UVA and UVB rays, without making it look greasy.

Incorrect daily skincare regimes can pose negative effects on the skin. So, follow a smart skin care routine on a daily basis to prevent skin problems and to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

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