Up In Smoke!

Most people who smoke, know about the real cost of smoking as it leads to bad health. Nearly every adult in the U.S. who smokes has heard that smoking leads to several diseases, such as cancer, emphysema, reduced lung function, etc. Let’s talk about the financial cost of smoking, because smokers fail to really consider the actual cost of smoking.

Often smokers realize that it is expensive to come up with the money for pack after pack of cigarettes everyday, but they still fail to consider the long-term financial cost of smoking. Distressing about how to pay for the next pack of cigarettes is short-term thinking. Perturbing about how much of your financial future is getting affected because of what those packs of cigarettes are costing, is long-term thinking. Think that you could pay your house off completely in twenty years with the money that would otherwise have been spent on smoking. Don’t even think about those twenty years, imagine having $12,777 to put towards buying a car every five years!

Cigarette smoking has been identified as the most important source of preventable morbidness and premature mortality in the United States and the world. Smoking costs the United States over $150 billion in health care costs yearly. If you want to improve your health and come one step closer to becoming wealthy, then stop burning up money by smoking. So, quit smoking or at least cut back, and start investing that money into a bank account or Mutual Fund instead.

Dangerous Health Effects of Smoking

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