5 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy This Winter

With the onset of winters, it becomes all the more challenging to look after your health. It is during winters that your laziness is at its peak. All you want to do is snuggle in your cozy blankets and munch on fattening food while watching television. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few tips to help you cruise through winter while staying healthy.

winter health tips

1. Go easy on the Candy

It is common knowledge that winters rockets our cravings for sugar and all things sweet. Winter in general makes you hungry because when outdoor temperatures drop the temperature of our body drops, as well. To make up for all that, our body longs for fatty foodstuffs. Consuming sugar will not only put kilos on you, but it will, according to a study, also weaken your immune system.

2. Put on your running shoes

As hard as it may be, it is true that those who exercise for at least 20 minutes five days in a week, build more immunity cells and hence are less prone to cold and flues as people who don’t. So be it running, going to the gym or just practicing yoga- do it.

3. Lay your hands off

If you touch your face way too often, then you have to stop doing it. Germs can enter your body through the nose, mouth and the eyes. If your hands are in the vicinity, of any of these, it is bound to take in the bacteria. When traveling make sure, you pack some antiseptic wipes in your bags. It is also important to wash your hands often and nicely with a good anti-septic soap.

4. Rest well

A good sleep for 7-9 hours sleep will help better immunity build up.

5. Eat smart

You can avoid illness during winters by eating right this winters. These ingredients work as a natural treatment to cold and flu.

tips to stay healthy in winterGreen tea:

A recent study showed that people who consumed two cups of green tea every day were twice less susceptible to colds than those who did. If your taste buds disagree to the taste of green tea, you can add a dash of fruit juice to add some flavor. Carrots:

If it is not possible to have carrots, try adding it to your diet as much as you can. These are rich in beta-carotene that provides a shield against germs. It makes an invisible lining at the nose that prevents the germs from infecting you. Beta-carotene can also be found in other veges like bell peppers, kale, broccoli, sweet potatoes and squash.


It contains a strong compound called allicin that fights against bacterial, viral and fungal infections. You can either include in your food preparation or take it in supplement form. Another fantastic idea is to add it to your tea, which will not only add to the taste but will also bring major health benefits.

Nonfat Greek Yogurt:

Anything rich in protein is your bet during winters. Yogurt is full of that and immune-boosting contents that will help you glide through winters smoothly. Nonfat Greek yogurt is said to contain three times more protein than your regular yogurt.

Omega-3 fatty acids:

Fish is the major source of this mineral. If you do not eat fish, it can also be taken as in a soft-gel supplement form. Each serving, it is believed, contains up to 1,000 IU of vitamin D.

It just takes a little effort. With online access to shops and pharmacies, you don’t even need to step outside to buy anything. So make a resolution and go healthy this winter.