Do Cell Phones Affect Men’s Fertility?

Every male possesses a dream of becoming a father and desire to have a family but this is not everyone’s cup of tea because many people think that fertility problems are only associated with women but this is one of the biggest misconceptions, as males are also responsible for it. Various studies have stated that for 1/3rd cases of infertility around the world, males are responsible.

Main Causes of Male Infertility:

Fertility and healthy sperm count reflects a man’s health and his self confidence too. A healthy lifestyle of a man reflects that he can produce good count of sperm. But infertility is the major concern for various people and it affects one in every five males in the U.S. Infertility mainly happens due to the hormonal imbalances, ageing and lifestyle factors, physical or psychological problems. Some of the causes of male infertility are: Men’s Fertility

  • Ageing- Age is one of the factors in males because increased age stands like a border for him to meet the sexual desire. It has been found in the reports that after the age of 50, males generally face infertility problems. 
  • Obesity– Obesity nowadays is regarded as the major problem of infertility. It has been proved that sperm count is affected by obesity in men and it an unhealthy body, which will lead to an unhealthy reproductive system. 
  • Smoking- Smoking is one of the root causes of a number of diseases. Various harmful effects of smoking lead to infertility. According to a report, smokers have 10 to 40 percent lower fertility rate. It’s not just about active smoking, passive smoking is also as harmful as active.
  • Psychological problems– People with different mental or psychological pressure suffer with infertility. Too much thinking can affect your mind and that will harm your sex life. 
  • Lifestyle factors: Every person wants to withstand with the world. Today, electronic gadgets make the life of a person very busy. People engage themselves on mobile phones and laptops. These gadgets are very useful for everybody in the day to day life. The invention of these gadgets have made the life of a person easy going because on a single click they get everything right from the information to work.

Research data:

Is there any relation between sperms and cell phones? Mostly, people will say, what crap is written here. But, it is true and is also proved in researches and studies, that keeping cell phones with you make you infertile. This might seem to be odd for you but this is true. Men who carry their cell phones on their belt loop may be posing a risk to the health of their sperm and their fertility by 30%. 

Keeping mobile phones in pockets affect the sperm quality and makes a man infertile. It has been proved in a study, published in the journal Environment International. The study suggested that electromagnetic radiations emitted from the cell phone are responsible for low sperm quality. 

Another study conducted in the year 2009 stated that electromagnetic radiations from mobile phones negatively affected semen quality of rats. The researchers of this study have done various laboratory tests of sperm quality after taking samples of 1,492 men. The results have found that there were significant changes in sperm exposed to cell phone radiation. An evolutionary biologist and the leader of this report studied the above sperm samples and evaluated that men who did not keep their mobile phones in pockets between 50 percent and 85 percent of the sperm had normal movement. Whereas, researchers have found that there is a reduction by an average of 8 percentage points when there was exposure to cell phones.

In a study of Cleveland, New Orleans has proved at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine that more a man uses his cell phone the lower his sperm count is likely to be.

University of Exeter in the U.K. reported that, for men, keeping cell phones in their pockets can mess with their sperm. But there is no other option for keeping cell phones because people have to keep it with them, mobile phones are like lifeline to every person. This study states that cell phones emit radio-frequency electromagnetic radiations not only when the device is active but constantly, even when the phone is idle. Radiations emitted from cell phones don’t cause cells to mutate. But over a period of time, these radiations affect the body and especially, your sperm count.

In another study, the sperm count, motility and normal forms of the sperm of 364 men were studied. In this study, the results show that men with normal sperm count who never used a cell phone, the average sperm count was 86 million per millilitre, and 68% motility and 40% normal sperms. Whereas, men with a normal sperm count who used their mobiles more than four hours per day, average sperm count was 66 million sperm per millilitre, and 46% motility and 21% normal forms.

Leading researchers once announced that all but one of the studies showed a link between mobile phone exposure and poorer sperm quality. Researcher were also quoted saying “The studies are still going on and coming out with a message that sperm motility declines with exposure to cell phones with proportion to, which are alive”.

The Director of the Centre for Reproductive Medicine stated that cell phones which are used by people, and which they consider very safe, could cause harmful effects due to the proximity and exposure. In this study, a team of researchers took semen samples from 32 men and brought them to the lab. Each man’s sample was divided into two parts a test group and a control group.

In this test the control group was unexposed to cell phone emissions and the semen in the test group was placed 2.5 centimetres from an 850 MHz cell phone in working mode for 1 hour because 850 MHz is the most commonly used frequency.

The distance of 2.5 centimetres was used to mimic the distance between the trouser pocket and the testes. On average, this study proved that there was an 85 percent increase in the amount of free radicals and these radicals have been linked to a variety of diseases in humans including cancer and low sperm count level.

The representatives from cell phone industry had not yet reviewed the latest study and they also do not give this study much merit. A spokesman for the CTIA-The Wireless Association said “The published scientific evidence in relation to the opinion of global health organizations shows that there is no link between wireless usage and adverse health effects”.

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Final outcome:

The above studies and researches have proved that the panic situation has arrived for those who have a potential fertility issue. There are various researches which are still going on and yet to prove that is there any problem in keeping cell phones with you because it is just not possible for men to change overnight and stop carrying cell phones. If people found that they are suffering from fertility issues then they should try to consider a slight change in lifestyle and also think where they can keep their cell phones. Try to consult your doctor or any health care professional, who will advise you correctly.

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