Drinking Alcohol Can Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

If you want to lower the possibility of diabetes, try drinking alcohol a few times a week. Yes, drinking alcohol in a moderate amount can lessen the chance of being diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.

Link between alcohol and diabetes

A new study suggests that consuming alcohol three to four times a week reduces the chance of developing diabetes compared to people who rarely drink or do not drink alcohol. Particularly, a glass of wine can help lower your chances of developing this metabolic disorder. Almost all of us know about the harmful effects of alcohol consumption in diabetes. Drinking alcohol on a regular basis has been linked to a wide range of medical conditions including liver disease; cardiovascular disorders, obesity, nutrient deficiencies, and the list go on and on.

Drinking Alcohol Can Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

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Despite the harmful association with various health disorders, a recent study revealed that drinking alcohol on a few days a week exerts a protective effect against the development of diabetes.

Benefits of drinking in diabetes

Researchers have shown that consuming alcohol in a moderate amount is more beneficial as compared to drinking no alcohol at all. From ancient times, the wine has been considered as the healthier form of alcohol. Wine is enriched with antioxidants and is useful in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, only when it is consumed in a moderate amount. Drinking wine is now associated with a reduced onset of diabetes, particularly Type 2 diabetes as in the studies it is shown to maintain glucose concentration in the blood stream, which is necessary for a hyperglycemic condition like diabetes mellitus. Consumption of wine in a moderate amount helps a lot in type 2 diabetes treatment.

According to the research study, people those consumed alcohol three to four times a week as compared to those who refrained from alcohol showed a significant reduction in risk of developing diabetes in both men and women.

The type of alcohol consumed in the research trial also played a remarkable role in the showing the effect on people. The kind of alcohol shown to have an important effect, as wine has appeared to be more efficacious as compared to beer in reducing the risk. This is because wine contains several other components such as polyphenols, which has been shown to help in the regulation of blood pressure and blood glucose in the body.

The study also noted the difference in between men and women. The new research revealed that men who drink about 14 drinks a week have a 43% reduced risk of diabetes as compared to men who do not consume alcohol at all. For women participants, the amount of alcohol required was less than the men; approximately nine drinks per week are useful in reducing the risk of developing diabetes by 58%. The wine has been shown to have a beneficial effect, while beer, another form of alcohol is not capable of reducing the risk; it only had a little effect on diabetes risk in women.

Take diabetes seriously

This is true, diabetes serious health issue, but you can learn to manage it. People with diabetes need to make healthy food choices, maintain a healthy weight, exercise daily, involve in chorus activities and take their diabetes medication on a regular basis even when they feel good. It’s not easy to do, but it’s worth it.

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Remember that a  healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight are necessary for a successful diabetes treatment. Your diabetes care may include a health care specialist, dietitian expert, and diabetes educator to help you treat your diabetes. Your family and friends also play a vital role in managing your diabetes. But remember you are the one who has full control on your body and can do a lot to maintain blood glucose levels.

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