Everything You Need to Know About Tretinoin

Acne is the most annoying skin condition and affects most people in the age of 13 to 25 years. To some people, it even affects after the age of 25 years as well. Acne does not create any discrimination between genders; it equally attacks male and female both. People try best of the best skincare products to get rid of acne, but very few find a luck to deal with it smartly. There are no confirmed studies available that tells why acne appears. Acne can be one of the most frustrating things in one’s life. Therefore, it is important to deal with it wisely so that it does not get a space to stay longer on your skin.

Facts About Tretinoin

This page will allow you to know the facts of treating acne possibly. To reach up to that level, you need to know the best possible ways that can heal your acne condition successfully. Amongst 100 acne care products, Tretinoin is one formula that works for most people if they apply it correctly. Tretinoin is a type of Retinoid (generic synthetic vitamin A) that treat acne and sun-damaged skin.

The topical solution can’t erase the deep wrinkles, but it can fade away fine lines and dark spots to some extent. Tretinoin is sold under various brands at different strengths, forms (i.e. cream, gel, lotion, etc.) and prices. It is a prescription product and the first choice treatment option of may dermatologists who prescribed it for treating moderate to a severe acne condition. An FDA approved the lotion formulation of Tretinoin in the year 2018 August. Dr Cook Bolden says that the new formulation helps your skin to keep hydrated. People with sensitive, dry, irritable and mature skin can now tolerate this medicinal product more efficiently.

The topical formulation of Tretinoin makes your skin more susceptible to sunburns. Tretinoin helps to reduce skin inflammation associated with acne. It also prevents follicular plugging while improving skin texture.

The Working of Tretinoin

The cream works by irritating the skin; this makes to run the life cycle of skin cells speedily so that these cells divide and die faster, and when these cells die the new and healthier cells take their place. Tretinoin is effective enough in reversing the signs of aging when you apply it regularly for the prescribed duration.

Keep on reading to see how Tretinoin works.

As we said earlier, it is a type of Retinoids (a group of compounds derived from vitamin A), people often get confused between Retinols and Retinoids. They both are different; let’s see how:

Retinols solution is an OTC product and generally tolerable by people with sensitive skin, whereas Retinoids are typically required a doctor’s prescription to start a treatment. Retino A Cream is one of the most popular brands when you buy Tretinoin at OTC. Pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical companies are allowed to sell Retino A Cream as a skincare regimen. The cream helps in reducing acne, fine lines, diminishing hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Right Method to Apply Tretinoin

Tretinoin works for most people if they apply it with the correct method. Use this topical formulation as directed by your dermatologist. Apply the moderate quantity on the affected area to get rid of your acne issues. Do not use this cream more or in access quantity to achieve faster results; this practice can cause severe skin irritation. It is always wise to apply this medicine 30 minutes before going to bed for the better working of this medicine. Do not mix and apply Tretinoin with other skincare products.

Be careful that the cream should not reach to eyes, lips and nose area. Also, don’t apply Tretinoin on sunburned skin or open wounds. Wash your skin with mild soap or cleanser with normal water before the application. Pat your skin dry with a soft towel or cotton cloth. Take a pea-size quantity on your fingertip to cover the affected skin area. Skin dryness is good, so avoid applying any cream or lotion after immediate application of Tretinoin, still, if your skin causes too much irritation then take a mild cream or moisturizer to apply on your skin evenly. 

You may start seeing the working of tretinoin in 2 to 3 weeks, at times it may take up to 6 weeks depends on the severity of acne. Doctors usually recommend 12 weeks to complete the course to achieve the desired result.