Foods to avoid when diabetic

The surge of sugar levels in the blood has become a common condition, but the bad choice of food worsens the condition. One must know what kind of foods to avoid when diabetic for better treatment.

foods to avoid when diabetic

Whatever we eat has a direct impact on our health. Those who want to know what causes diabetes so easily can take a look at the dietary menu. The presence of foods containing high amount of fat, carbohydrate, sodium, sugar, and calories can easily increase the risks of heart disease, weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol level etc.
The consumption of balanced and nutritious foods ensures the healthy development of your body and mind. It’s not that you have to compromise with the taste of foods to avoid when diabetic, but to keep an eye on the ingredients you are consuming.

Anatomy of diabetes:
Diabetes indicates a group of diseases that disturb the normal production of insulin, causing Type 1 & 2 diabetes. When the pancreas fails to produce sufficient insulin, you witness a surge in sugar levels in the blood, whereas the intake of unhealthy foods deteriorates the condition further.

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Now, diabetes has become one of the top-10 diseases pertaining all over the world. According to WHO, about 1.5 million people died of diabetes-related causes in 2012. The number is likely to increase in the coming years. You can protect yourself by understating what causes diabetes, what are the perfect food combinations to consume and how to treat blood sugar through home methods and medications.

Foods to avoid when diabetic:

If the intake of good foods can improve diabetes, the selection of unhealthy and unspecified foods can affect your health. Have a look at some specific foods that should not be taken with diabetes.

Junk food and packaged snacks
The packaged foods like snacks and baked items are loaded with sodium, white flour and sugar that raise the level of toxic fats and cholesterol. The deadly combination of refined flour, oil and sugar intensifies the rate of inflammation that further affects the ability of insulin production. Be careful while selecting the packaged foods and don’t forget to check the level of hydrogenated oils and the amount of sugar before consuming.

White rice
The more you eat white rice, the greater you invite the risks of blood sugar, especially Type-2 diabetes. Though all foods containing high amount of carbohydrates are dangerous for the diabetic condition, you should maintain its ideal quantity to prevent any complications. White rice with a low glycemic index rating of 53-54 is comparatively healthier.

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Chinese foods
You may be a big gourmet for Chinese foods, but curb your appetite for the sake of blood sugar. Such food items come up with high levels of sodium, fat, calorie and carbohydrate that can spike the sugar level in blood. In Chinese foods what causes diabetes so intensively includes fried entrees, sour dishes, sautéed chicken, sugary sauce, etc. So whenever you go to a Chinese restaurant next time, be careful in your food selection.

Saturated fats are notorious for increasing cholesterol levels, so they have to be avoided as much as possible. Limit the intake of cheese, fried foods, butter, baked foods, spicy gravy and packaged junk foods in your daily consumption, so the fat level in your body also remains under control.

Limit bacon
The excess intake of the marbled cuts of meat or bacon can enhance the level of saturated fat and increase inflammation that can render various side effects, affecting the level of blood sugar. It’s dangerous to devour hot dogs, hamburgers, bologna and other fatty bacons as they don’t supply sufficient protein but satiate your appetite.

Pasta Alfredo
You may be a big fan of pasta, but it’s one of the most important foods to avoid when diabetic. The white flour pasta contains high amount of fat and sodium-rich sauce which can simply elevate the level of sugar. Doctors also advise to leave pasta or any such while fettuccine noodles that can disturb the overall share of the ingredients in your meal.

Fatty meats
People living with high sugar are strictly advised to avoid raw meats, chicken nuggets or processed meats that are high in saturated fat. The breaded and fried meat products are not good for heart disease and diabetes in particular, so go through the menu twice before ordering any such items next time.

Soft drinks and sodas
The American Diabetes Association has recommended diabetic people to avoid the sugar-sweetened beverages like energy drinks, soda water, sweet tea, fruit drinks or any such sugary drinks. Artificially sweetened drinks are rank on top of the list of what causes diabetes. These beverages are not only an enemy of sugar level, but also weaken your immune system. Keep such drinks away and pick natural beverages for good effects.

On one hand, foods are the best remedy of diabetes, but simultaneously they can prove to be the biggest factor for increasing the sugar level in blood. It depends a lot on the food items that you opt for health. One must know what kind of foods to avoid when diabetic and what should be taken. You can take care of your health better. Expert advice is always there to help you select the appropriate edibles.

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